Dumb Dummies Cameron Tiede Edition Blind Box figure

$ 9.99

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Dumb Dummies are tiny little blind boxed critters with a sculpt designed by TobyHK (aka Toby Yeung). The Dumb Dummies were produced by Kaching Brands (now defunct) and released in 2006 during a heavy toy production release campaign which marked the debut of their brand.

This particular series of Dumb Dummies has paint designs by Cameron Tiede. Dumb Dummies feature square critter approx 2" long which have their ears either straight up, or off to the side. So there are 2 distinct sculpts in this series, and six different colorways/variants all by Cameron Tiede. That means this blind box mystery series has 12 total different figures. 

This is a blind box so you don't know which exact figure you will get. If you want the full series of 12 pieces, we are selling those as well.

Note: this is NOT a re-run of these figures, this is a warehouse find and these items are actually produced in 2006. When they are gone, they are really truly gone!


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