Shark Boy 2GO 2-Pack 8-inch action figures by Momoco x JT Studio

$ 319.00

Shark Boy 8”2GO Action figure is a collaboration with Momoco. Design by Jei Tseng

/ Shark Boy original by Momoco

Edition size: 249 for this 2-pack of figures
Size : 22cm high each
8”2GO Shark Boy 2-pack contents:
  • The Shark Boy & Saury Original
  • The Shark Boy & Saury Black Wild Edition (only available in this 2-pack)
  • (2) 1:1 Shark Waist bags
  • (2) Skateboards
  • (2) Backpacks

PLEASE NOTE: the Saury fish character design has been updated to have articulated arms! See photos with blue backgrounds, these are the final Saury designs included in the package.


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  • Do you have anymore shark boys 2go coming?

    Possibly yes, trying to arrange another small final shipment from JT. Join our JT email list for the info on that shipment.

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