The Creatives : Trading Card Project Series 2

$ 10.00

The Creatives has taken trading cards to the next level by merging together joy of collecting and sharing your favorite pieces. This carefully curated collection features an array artists, creators or innovators from across world – whether you're a artist looking for inspiration in someone else's work; if art is what brings out emotions within us then these cards will be sure provide plenty!

Here’s what to expect from the project:

⚠️Over 240 cards to collect.
⚠️70+ Creatives from around the world
⚠️ 3 card designs minimum by each Creative
⚠️One foil card for each of The 70 Creatives.
⚠️Lenticular Cards (animated cards)
⚠️DIY cards
⚠️Collaboration Cards
⚠️Made with high-quality paper
⚠️Made in the USA 

Each card in the deck is packed with information about the Creative as well as beautiful & exclusive, never before seen artwork. Six Cards come in a pack!

Choose from:

  • a single pack of 6 cards ($10)
  • 3 packs of cards (18 cards - $25)
  • 12 packs of cards (72 cards - $75)


Trading cards are now even more exciting with the ability to ‘collect’ your favorite Creative & possibly get their autograph in the designated area on the back of each card.

The Creatives: Trading Card Project is the perfect way to celebrate creativity & possibly discover ‘new to you’ artists. Order your box today!


⚠️ Included in the packs are DIY cards where you can show off your skills using whatever media you prefer. You can even take it a step further by having your favorite artists work on a DIY at a Convention or show.

⚠️ Ever wanted to collaborate with your favorite artist? Well here’s your chance! Some Creatives cards included in the packs were purposefully left for you to complete! You can color them in, add your own characters, collage them into your own creation & be as creative as you want! Make sure you Sign your name on the back to make it official & send it to the artist so they see the amazing Collab you came up with!

Over 70 artists/creatives involved in Series 2 of the project.
 In Alphabetical Order:
  • 7Sketches
  • Abstract Odd Fruits
  • Angela Ramones
  • AngelOnce
  • anyarizm
  • Atra Messor Art
  • Bit Strange
  • Brad 'Grum Reapur' Rumble
  • Burning Pinecone
  • Cardiartist
  • carnivorousflora
  • ChrisRWK (Robots Will Kill)
  • CreepyMonsta
  • Cregs_Adventure
  • D fukizjuice
  • Daruth The Human
  • Ezra Brown
  • Ezra Brown
  • Fetch For Donuts
  • Fett Up Toys
  • Fixed Temple Toys
  • Freaky
  • Ghost Fox Toys
  • GoopMassta
  • Heey Yude
  • Hiraku NYC
  • Igor Ventura
  • iLiKeCooLsHiT
  • JayDraws
  • JP Kim the Person
  • Juan Panduhh
  • Kendra's Customs
  • King Gonga
  • Lollybagmike
  • Majic Monsters
  • Minhafofa
  • Mr.Mento
  • Mrs.Zukie
  • Mykil Frenetic
  • Pete Cosmos
  • Pez Banana
  • Playful Gorilla
  • Pop.A.Razzi
  • Prime
  • Prime
  • PriscillasArte
  • RedGuardian
  • Resin Rookie
  • roycer
  • Ruffman
  • Rukz One
  • Sharpy
  • Sneak-E
  • Sugar Fueled
  • super cooper
  • The Creatives
  • The Harshmallows
  • Tim's Ceramics
  • TMOP
  • TNT Plastic
  • Tom Ryan's Studio
  • Trash Panda
  • Ulka Mak
  • valleyDweller
  • Vincent Scala
  • Wally Wolf
  • WUJI Toys
  • Xombiac


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