NYCC 2022 EXCLUSIVES Tenacious Island

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As an entire island of booths, we featured a loose "Island" theme which celebrated island culture of all kinds - from Hawaiian to Puerto Rican to Filipino, Dominican to Japanese - hey, listen even Manhattan is an island! Island cultures in all shapes and forms are beautiful, and we are celebrating their myriad influences on our culture!

EXCLUSIVES to appear soon:

  • Tikumo Blue (LE 20, $99 ea)
  • Zombie Gooo T-1000 Chrome (LE 30, $60 ea)
  • Onigiri Boi resin by Bunny Mischief (LE 10, $50 each)
  • Zaioz resin by Plastic of the Apes (LE 10 with chases, $90 each)
  • UMA pin set (LE 300, $20 each)
  • Masked Yetis resins by Elliott Lobell
  • exclusive prints from hawaii
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