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Hawaiian Tiki Warrior Night Marcher figure by NEMO

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According to Hawaiian legend, night marchers ( Huaka‘i Po in Hawaiian ) are ghosts of ancient warriors.

They supposedly roam large sections of the island chain, and can be seen by groups of torches.

They can usually be found in areas that were once large battlefields (the Nuuanu Pali on the island of Oahu is a good example.)

Legend has it that if you look a night marcher straight in the eye, you will be forced to walk among them for eternity, but if you have a relative taken by them, you will be spared.

Hawaiians say that in the presence of night marchers, one should lie down on their stomach, face down to avoid eye contact, stay quiet, breathe shallowly, and don’t move. Some say that they may nudge you to provoke a reaction so they can take you. Moanalua Gardens is one of the many places the Night Marchers are said to roam.

This is an edition of 4. Materials include resin, wood and various others. All hand-made by Mike "NEMO" Mendez.

Key Product Details

  • Artist: NEMO
  • Manufacturer: NEMO
  • Size: 10 inches
  • Material: Various
  • Edition Size: 4