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Sofubi is is a style of hollow, soft vinyl collectible toys. Technically, the Japanese word sofubi refers to soft vinyl toys produced in this specific style in small mom & pop workshops in Japan. Sofubi purists (collectors who specifically chase after and collect sofubi toys produced in Japan) are adamant that soft vinyl toys produced in this style in other countries are NOT sofubi. So there is an alternate word for such toys: sofvi (soft vinyl).

Chinese manufacturers are capable of producing soft vinyl toys in this same style. We also work closely with Mile High Sofubi which is a sofubi style toy maker in Colorado, USA. Their soft vinyl toys are produced in the sofubi style as well. Here in this collection we are using the broader definition of sofubi style toy making, so we feature soft vinyl toys in the sofubi style from all over the world.

Do you make sofubi? Contact us! We would love to arrange a shop exclusive!

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