CANDEMOM Summer Ice Cream custom Alex Pardee Candy Cornelius figure by Soko Cat

$ 250.00
SoKo Cat is back with two amazingly awesome pieces!  It's a Candemom
(Candy-Demon-Mom) Summer Party run featuring S'mores and Neapolitan
ice cream colorways!

Candemom has clawed back from the grave with you in her sights.  Don't
let her summer sweetness fool you!  She won't hesitate to use her
cutting words to slice through your self esteem.  No amount of ice
cream will bring you comfort - your only solace will be standing by
the firepit and rethinking your life while charring marshmallows.
Chin up, sport.  She criticizes you because she loves you and this is
her way of "helping."

"Don't throw out that blazer.  It'll come in handy if you ever get a real job."
"Do you own any clothes with color?  Black is not a color."
"I asked you to take out the trash.  Why can't you do ONE SMALL THING?"

Scoop her up before she is disappointed in you.
  • original figure designed by Alex Pardee
  • 7.5" tall
  • vinyl produced by 3DRetro
  • this one of a kind original customized figure has been hand-painted & customized by SoKo Cat


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