Go Hero Tentikill the Sea Monster Hyper Blackhole edition

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With flashing colors from his terrible eye, he can hypnotize all those who dare to gaze upon it.  Lurking in the hidden parts of our world, Tentikill surfaced reigning terror on the ancient Greeks. Mariners called him the Kraken and they feared the dark waters.  In the 1800s a new Shokunin, the scientist called Nemo, made for himself a robotic armored craft called the Nautilus. The outer shell resembled a giant whale with a harpoon that projected from his back. Nemo hunted the beast and they raged in battle.  Just as Tentikill was about to be slain, he emitted a cloud of dark ink and disappeared with a shriek.

This 9" tall vinyl monster comes from the depths to destroy your collection and control your mind!  Can anything stop his terrible gaze?

Edition:  Hyper Blackhole:  The old sailors have been known to say that this 50 piece edition is more frightening than all others.  The old story goes that the monster known as Tentikill can bend light and space, trapping the minds men in darkness forever.  Many a ship has gone adrift from this aweful creature!


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