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Five Points 2017

For the inaugural year of the new Five Points Fest, we will be exhibiting in a collective once again. Our booth is #229.

Members of the Tenacious Collective at Five Points will be:

  • Tenacious Toys (representing many toy artists and companies)
  • Nugglife (custom toys and new apparel line)

In the Tenacious section, the following indy artists and brands will be represented:

  • Jon Schnepp - signed comics
  • Jason Adams - Will Work for Toys resin figures (10pcs, $40 ea)
  • Forces of Dorkness - Nature Warriors OOAK 6-inch resin figures (6pcs, $60 ea)
  • Nerviswrek - Greyscale Inner Child customs (8pcs, $80 ea)
  • Jacob JAMS* - resin figures
  • Taylored Curiosities - Huoli Guardians (5pcs, $37 ea)
  • Pickman's Vinyls - Dick Wood, Log Private Eye resin figures
  • Naptime Noah - various customs (Funko POPs, MIST Lucius, Nerviswrek Inner Child, Gobi, Yummy World & Dunnys
  • Cat Atomic* - various custom toys & pins, will be bringing his 8" Dunny custom that was a Finalist in the DTAs
  • Manly Art* - custom toys, resin, illustrations & stickers
  • Jason Freeny* - Sunday Signing, will have various XXRAY figures on hand
  • NEMO / Dead Hand Toys - Blue Danger Dog resins (10pcs, $25 ea)
  • Rampage Toys - Painted Cyclops Dino set (10 sets, $40/set)

*indicates that artist will be on hand in our booth for some or all of the show!

SPECIAL EVENT: The release of Resin Is King Series 4 in-booth Saturday AM!

Resin is King is an all-resin blind box series developed by Dead Hand Toys & Tenacious Toys. Series 4 includes 100 blind boxes, with 10 artists each submitting 10 pieces of a new sculpt. Blind boxes are $30 each, with several Golden Tickets hidden inside.

Artist Roster for Resin Is King Series 4:

  • UME Toys
  • Eyehart Toys
  • Forces of Dorkness
  • Kyle Kirwan
  • Leecifer
  • One-Eyed Girl
  • Pickman's Vinyls
  • RenOne
  • TobyArt
  • and special guest artist Abe Lincoln Jr, featuring the work of NEMO and Jacob JAMS