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Rollin Gobi Show Contract

The full text of the Rollin Gobi Show contract is as follows:

Rollin Gobis Participation Contract

USAGE OF THE GOBI FIGURE: Artist agrees that the Muttpop Gobi figured acquired from Tenacious Toys will only be used as a base for a custom toy specifically to participate in the Rollin Gobis show. Artist agrees to give Tenacious Toys exclusive rights to sell their completed piece on Artist agrees not to sell, or authorize any other party to sell, the finished custom piece. Artist agrees not to add the uncustomized piece to his or her personal collection indefinitely (Tenacious Toys is happy to provide another Gobi for the Artist’s collection for free once this custom has been completed and put up for sale on the Tenacious website).

SALES SUPPORT: Artist agrees to provide Tenacious Toys with the best possible digital images of the completed custom: images with blank, one-color background, preferably front, side and back views. Min 3 images needed, each between 1MB and 2MB in size. Artist also agrees to provide Tenacious Toys with the retail price, description, and title of piece via email at Once the item is up for sale, Artist agrees to post at least once to each of his or her social media accounts (FB, Twitter, IG) with a link to the piece on & an image.

SHIPMENT: Artist agrees to hold the completed piece and keep it safe until such time as the piece sells. Artist agrees to ship the piece to the customer using the ship method indicated by Tenacious Toys. Fedex label will be provided by email if applicable.

PAYMENT: Tenacious Toys agrees to pay Artist 70% of the net profits, with 30% kept by Tenacious Toys. Net profits are: retail sale price, minus wholesale cost of Gobi, minus Paypal fees. Tenacious Toys agrees to notify Artist immediately by email when piece sells, provide all info necessary to ship, and give full breakdown of the calculation of the Artist’s payment.



I, _____________________________________________ (Artist name),

agree to the terms of the Rollin Gobi show as outlined above.


Paypal address: __________________________________________________________


If the above contract is acceptable to you, go ahead and purchase your $1 Gobis here.