Crotch Staring Cat 300% Fortune Cat

$ 89.99

Lazy cats sitting and thinking about life, staring between their tails! The fortune cat includes 5 swappable accessories for the crotch area, along with a collar with a bell! There are two colorways, a white colorway that has the symbol of "provide" and a orange colorway that has the symbol of "wealth"

Artist: QianLi Ma is an artist based out of Beijing, famous for his cartoon artwork in China

  • vinyl
  • 6 inches (21.5cm) tall
  • produced by CJOY
  • comes with 5 interchangeable crotch parts, as pictured
  • window boxed - a REALLy big window box
  • NOTE that this item has 2 colorway variants which are randomly packed: all white body or partially white body - see photos


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