Crotch Staring Cat 300% Orange Tabby Cat Exclusive

$ 60.00

Does your cat stare at his crotch?


Well, then we have the toy for you! Everyone's favorite DSH color - orange tabby - staring at a crotch with sealable crotch parts. Do you have swappable crotch parts?


Well, then we have the toy for you!

  • 6 inches tall
  • produced by CJOY
  • LE 200, Orange Tabby exclusively at Tenacious Toys
  • comes with 4 interchangeable crotch parts, as pictured
  • window boxed - a REALLy big window box

QianLi Ma is an artists based out of Beijing, famous for his cartoon artwork in China.

Does your cat stare at his own crotch? Don’t worry, it’s not a stowaway. Apparently some cats are very skilled at hiding and playing dead. He can then (we’re guessing) go back to searching for buried treasure.


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