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Dirty Snow Ice Queen Edition

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$ 125.00
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Key Product Details

  • Artist: Prime
  • Manufacturer: Strangecat Toys
  • Size: 10 inches
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Edition Size: 100

Many years have passed since Snow met the dwarves in the forest, 7 years to be exact. Since her fall out with the prince, she’s still watching over the dwarves and magical creatures in the forest. As you can imagine, living with 7 men in a small cottage leaves this twenty something year old dreaming of privacy. Snow needed a break, a chance to see the world. She traveled to Arendelle, a city with tons of beautiful snow and wonderful statues made of ice. There she met a queen that bestowed upon her a chilling power that changed Snow forever.

This is the Tenacious Toys exclusive Ice Queen edition of Dirty Snow.

Artist Profile



Puerto Rican Excellence! 🇵🇷 US-based artist Prime (aka InPrimeWeTrust) is the creator of Arlo, Dirty Snow, Juicy Gents and Soul Breaker.

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