Tenacious Collective NYCC 2018 Booth Staff T-Shirt

$ 9.00
The official booth staff t-shirt from our NYCC 2018 booth! Features the large Year of the Foo Dog graphic by AW177 on the front, and the logos of all of our booth members on the back. Will not be reprinted, ever. Only a few extras to sell. Soft black cotton t-shirt, with printing services by Craft & Pour. Comes sealed in original plastic baggie.


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  • Any xxl or xl available

    For these custom shorts, basically we put up leftovers for sale after the shows... and Imm an XL and a lot of the homies are XXL so those 2 sizes disappear first! I do have a fresh XXL 2017 booth shirt, if you want that one pls email me!

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