Toshi Neko Graff 4-inch vinyl figure by Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx

$ 40.00

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Meet Toshi Neko— a special breed of street cats dominating our urban jungle! This feline community is out to command and conquer every household and human in the city, crowning themselves as kings and queens of the castle. This clowder of cats have no qualms about their misdeeds, suffocating us with their cuteness and influencing our thoughts with their crafty mind games.

Meet Graff—the newest kitty in the Toshi Neko clowder. With eyes as sharp as his, no blank wall goes unnoticed by Graff. Prowling the streets with his handy spraycan, Graff wows with his graffiti skills.

Adopt him and his tiny spraycan today to complete your purrfect Toshi Neko clowder!
  • 4" tall
  • vinyl
  • designed by Clogtwo
  • limited edition
  • produced by MightyJaxx