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ARCTONG B1 SPACER Metallic Green figure available now ! ! !

ARCTONG B1 SPACER Metallic Green figure available now ! ! !


The B1 Spacer concept is a "Chameleon spaceman" to be developed into a cartoon character. The head of the figure is sculpted to look like a real Chameleon head. The body of the figure is created to use both leaves and space suits to combine together. The tube shape arms and legs, the back arched shape and the tail of the figure are all imitate the look of a real Chameleon. For the head, the eyes and the tail are attached with magnets, and can be detached too. Because of the magnets, the eyes can rotate to different angles. The overall figure projects a space and future feel, using different colors to illustrate different types of B1 Spacers for the future.

  • Figure Size:  8 inch(21cm tall)
  • Material: Soft vinyl + Resin
  • This Metallic Green limited to just 125 pieces, with 80 sent to us in the USA
  • Made in China
  • Manufacturer: ARCTONG

This item was inspected prior to shipment and is always packed carefully to ensure safe delivery to your door!

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