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Dirty Leia by Forces of Dorkness Drops Sep 23 at 1PM EST

Dirty Leia by Forces of Dorkness Drops Sep 23 at 1PM EST

Well, he went and did it again! What else could you expect from certified Star Wars fanboy Forces of Dorkness but a sexy Princess Leia?

The only theme that is more overplayed than the myriad riffs on Boba Fett and Darth Vader is the hyperfixation on Disney Princesses by an entire generation of geeks. And now that Disney owns Star Wars, Leia is the most recognizable Princess in their pantheon! So here we are again, to the surprise of absolutely no one!

Forces of Dorkness flexed all of his creative muscles as he turned Prime’s 10" Dirty Snow statue by Strangecat Toys into his version of Princess Leia: her hair was replaced by a 3D scan of a vintage Princess Leia figure, which was then blown up to size and adjusted to fit onto Snow’s head. 3D printing and UV-curing cement finalized the fit.

The same process was followed to miniaturize a vintage R2-D2 through 3D scanning, adjustments via 3D sculpture and then 3D printing. All of the parts were combined like a dirty, dirty Princess Voltron and then hand painted by Forces of Dorkness to create the Dirty Leia.

The Dirty Leia statue is 10 inches tall, limited to an edition of 10 pieces maximum, and made of mixed media / various materials. They will be made to order by Forces of Dorkness with a 2-week lead time between order date and ship date. The drop is September 23 at 1PM EST / 10AM PST, and each Dirty Leia is priced at $299.

Find Dirty Leia on the Forces of Dorkness page on Sep 23.

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