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Los 7 Pecaditos 5-inch vinyl Danger Dog Custom by YosoyBuque Available Now ! ! !

Los 7 Pecaditos 5-inch vinyl Danger Dog Custom by YosoyBuque Available Now ! ! !


NEW from Mexican artist YosoyBuque, a set of customs based on our 5" vinyl Danger Dog figures (which were themselves made in Mexico!). Each figure is hand sculpted, hand painted and accessorized.

Los 7 Pecaditos (7 Little Sins) are handmade by YosoyBuque and the series also features one Angel chase which you can purchase separately. Each figure is handmade so variations will occur.

About YosoyBuque:

Graphic artist, who was born and raised in Mexico City. He loves all kind of artistic expressions inspired by the great cities and the spirit of the Mexican, like graffiti, skateboarding or freestyling rap. His style is mainly recognized for the use of drawings mixed up with tools like spray cans sharpie markers and other urban materials to make his characters come alive.

Artista gráfico, nacido en Ciudad MX. Apasionado de todas las expresiones artísticas inspiradas en la vida cultural de las grandes ciudades y el espíritu de lo mexicano, como el freestyle, el graffiti y el skateboarding. Su estilo se reconoce por mezclar diversos materiales de corte urbano como plumones, sprays y otras herramientas en las que se apoya para dar vida a sus característicos personaje.

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