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Joy Riders Nebula One Deluxe Set Available Now

Joy Riders Nebula One Deluxe Set Available Now


Developed by illustrators Chris Lee and Matt Kaufenberg, Joy Riders pays homage to vintage toys and celebrates classic space adventuring themes. Cadet Brett Bradfield is a risk taking mechanic who always seems to get himself into trouble. Xero Xanthum is a top scientist and security expert. Both find themselves assigned to the same remote research station on the planet Delphynia by Captain Cornelius Albacore who tasks them to get to the bottom of a mysterious reading on the other side of the planet. What happens next is up to you!

The Nebula One Deluxe Set is the first entry into the Joy Riders world. The Nebula One Deluxe Set includes the Nebula One Rover vehicle, Cadet Brett Bradfield with relay transmitter, and Professor Xero Xanthum with security baton.

The set also includes two sticker sheets featuring designs by both Chris Lee and Matt Kaufenberg that you can use to customize the characters and vehicle.
An instruction sheet is also included that shows where to apply each sticker.

Nebula One Rover specs:

Dimensions: 6–1/2" long x 4" wide x 2–5/8" tall (16.5cm x 10cm x 6.8cm)
Pilot cockpits are magnetized to secure the characters in the vehicle.
The wheels are made of vinyl.
The body is made of ABS plastic
All six wheels roll on metal axles

Developed & produced with care and love by Bigshot Toyworks

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