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Ron English MC Supersized 10.5 inch figure Blue 030 Available Now

Ron English MC Supersized 10.5 inch figure Blue 030 Available Now


McSupersize 10.5 inch bank - a knockoff - “bootleg” of the 2004 – 2005 first 10.5 inch McSupersize figure releases by Showroom NYC and Near Point Toys. Blue colorway. There is a coin slit in the back of the figure’s head to deposit money. The head may be removed to empty the bank.

Unique to this figure is that its arms are articulated. According to the Ron English toy history of releases found on his website there were four colorways made. These banks were, “Found,” by Ron and Lev of Toy Tokyo in China in 2013. There were not many made. They were sold at San Diego Comic Con that year in the Toy Tokyo booth.  Each item is over a decade old and may bear small marks and blemishes in the paint or finish that are not immediately evident in the photos we've provided. 

This item comes from the personal collection of one of our oldest customers. He is clearing out his impressive collection to focus on fewer pieces. This item is in excellent but secondhand condition. It has been opened once to visually inspect it after it was purchased, but it has never been displayed out of the box since then. Original packaging included.

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