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Stinging Duck Original Color 3.5-inch vinyl figure by Anonymous Rat Available Now ! ! !

Stinging Duck Original Color 3.5-inch vinyl figure by Anonymous Rat Available Now ! ! !



STINGING DUCK is a 3.5” x 4.7” Vinyl Toy designed by No. 1 Ratty and produced by Anonymous Rat. Each Stinging Duck comes in an individually-numbered, full-color box with a seal of authenticity from Anonymous Rat!

STINGING DUCK is a mysterious creature who is known to live under the deep sea. We are still investigating how his genetics were altered from the traditional Duck Man, allowing him to adapt to underwater living. He spends most of his time playing with electricity and surfing around the sea. But sometimes, his primal instincts kick in, and he has an urge to hunt and eat a wild Peach Man!

STINGING DUCK was first discovered and observed by Anonymous Rat’s scientists, while on a deep-sea expedition to search for new forms of energy. Unexpectedly, the research team found weird electronic signals coming from a deep undersea canyon. They asked Peach Man to go down and take a look since he’s an expert diver, but what ended up happening was beyond anyone’s expectations!

Peach Man saw a strange blue glow at the bottom of the sea, emitting from the dark, murky water. It turned out that this was coming from a mysterious new creature, and Peach Man couldn’t tell who or what it was! As he got closer, he started to make out the distinguishable details of a Blue Spotted Stingray, so he continued to approach. In an unexpected turn of events, the glowing creature turned around to reveal his true identity: Duck Man’s long-lost cousin! This specimen was no ordinary stingray since on the other side was nothing other than a ferocious duck! Peach Man peed himself out of pure terror, and then in a nervous panic swam back to the top of the sea! It was a good thing that this Stinging Duck was full; otherwise, he would have certainly used his long-range underway electric powers to fry up a fresh Peach Man!

  • 3.5 inches tall
  • rotocast vinyl
  • hand painted
  • 4C box
  • designed and produced by Chicago-based Anonymous Rat

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