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Nasty Noggins Cotton Candy Edition soft vinyl figures by Vincent Scala & David DeGrand Available Now ! ! !

Nasty Noggins Cotton Candy Edition soft vinyl figures by Vincent Scala & David DeGrand Available Now ! ! !



David DeGrand and Vincent Scala are two professional cartoonists whose work has been featured in MAD Magazine, SpongeBob Comics, Mattel, Disney, MTV, and Nickelodeon. Their art has also graced the screen in animation. A mutual love of toys and drippy, oozing monsters is what brought them together. Inspired by their love of 80’s and 90’s toys in the vein of Madballs and Garbage Pail Kids, Nasty Noggins was born.

After an incredible response to the toys/art, they decided to take this project a step further. Nasty Noggins as a soft vinyl toy line features two designs from each artist, with vinyl pulled in the USA by Mile High Sofubi!

  • Each Noggin is approx 4.5 to 5" tall
  • made of sofubi-style soft vinyl in the USA
  • pick individual characters or the full set of 4
  • NO PAINT, each noggin features marbled vinyl in 3 colors
  • each figure is completely unique due to the 3-color marbling process
  • only 10 pieces made of each Noggin in our exclusive Cotton Candy marbled vinyl

Cotton Candy is a Tenacious Toys exclusive colorway of Nasty Noggins, made in the SAME factory that produced the Tenacious Danger Dogs in the Cotton Candy colors!

Ramblin Rose

She is a tough southern girl. A scarlet begonia in her hair, she is the essence of your classic housewife with her string of pearls. As we see more of her we realize she has some hidden secrets. (design by Vincent Scala)

Masked Max

Tough as nails apocalypse warrior that took his noggin protection a little too far. He welded his steel mask on years ago and doesn’t plan on taking it off anytime soon. (design by David DeGrand)

Baked Barry

Your typical skateboarder. Broken bones are for the weak. He's not scared of falling, just scared of never skating again! He may have had too much fun before he skated anyway. (design by Vincent Scala)

Grannie Grunt

A nasty neighbor with an even nastier head of hair, local children still aren’t sure if she’s a living corpse or just needs a trip to the salon. Either way, it’s best to avoid her house! (design by David DeGrand)

Watch our unboxing video on IG with Vincent & David!

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Danger Dog Cotton Candy vinyl mini figure available now ! ! ! !

Danger Dog Cotton Candy vinyl mini figure available now ! ! ! !



Not as dangerous as he seems, this little canine buddy likes his chin scratched and lying in sunshine. Long walks, gnawing on a chew toy and playing with the local deli cat Gato are how he spends his days. Danger is the official Tenacious Toys mascot: a lifelong friend, loyal to the end.

Danger Dog was originally illustrated by Playful Gorilla, translated into 3D by hand by Mike "NEMO" Mendez, with tooling master produced in resin by Dead Hand Toys.

This is the limited-edition Cotton Candy 2.25" Mini Danger. These figures are pulled in soft vinyl in the sofubi production style right here in the USA! Mile High Sofubi used their special marbled vinyl process which used blue, pink and purple vinyl in the mold. This results in 100% uniquely colored figures - there is no way to predict how the 3 colors will swirl throughout the piece, so every single Cotton Candy Danger Dog is unique and one of a kind!

There will be only one run of these Cotton Candy Dangers in the 2.25" size. Total number of them in this size was about 70, with 30 being packed into the previously-released 2-pack set.

  • soft vinyl pulled in the sofubi process
  • 2.25" tall
  • marbled 3-color vinyl process (no paint)
  • limited to 70 pcs, no more will be produced in this color combo
  • polybagged
  • produced in the USA by Mile High sofubi
  • every figure in this run will be different, and will have differently shaped swirls than the pictured set

Note: sofubi-style soft vinyl is extremely light, and all sofubi pieces are hollow due to the unique molding process. 

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