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Tenacious announces special preorder of NOIS by JT Studio

Tenacious announces special preorder of NOIS by JT Studio

JT Studio has granted Tenacious Toys a special preorder for his super limited NOIS figures in PLUS, MINUS and PURE variants.

The Tenacious preorder window closes January 13th after which the order will be shipped from JT Studio - these items are currently ready to ship from JT!

Each NOIS is hand numbered, 12" tall and highly detailed.


NOIS full of our lives. We bear countless noises under positive masks, and sometimes it makes us lose ourselves. At this moment, only by believing in our initial intentions and directions that we could find ourselves back.

NOIS is an independent series which completed this year. Through the connection between me and my creations, I will use NOIS to convey the things I love, so that the series could be more integrated into life.

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