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Tenacious Toys Official Archive on hobbyDB

Tenacious Toys Official Archive on hobbyDB

It's really exciting to have a collectibles juggernaut such as hobbyDB interested in cataloging the various releases that we've had over the years... exciting and anxiety inducing! Because now... I have to REALLY flesh that archive out. 
It's not actually that easy. 
We've been releasing exclusive toys for well over a decade, so far back that the items were held in previous iterations of our website, using previous inventory management apps, and with info released through previous CRM systems!
So I have a bit of work ahead of me. This is an endeavor I have wanted to do for a long time, but the hobbyDB archive is a really solid kick in the pants to get it all done.
The earliest exclusive item I found was an old press release I sent out for NYCC 2010, where I listed an exclusive colorway of the RAJE Toys Dr Brain designer toy by Jim Freckingham.
That's as far back as my old CRM system goes although I am sure there were some previous exclusives in our shop between 2006 and 2009... RAJE Toys is now defunct. Sparse info available.... wish me luck, there are a few hundred more to catalog!
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