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The Saddest Pin Set Ever by Ezra Brown (Feb 3)

The Saddest Pin Set Ever by Ezra Brown (Feb 3)

In what may be either a genius or a terrible marketing move, art toy shop Tenacious Toys has teamed up with California artist Ezra Brown on The Saddest Pin Set Ever.


This limited-edition enamel pin 3-pack features Ezra's signature character Happy the Clown, along with Ezra's own furry friend Coco (RIP). Coco wears a halo, as she is no longer with us. Happy the Clown is seen shedding tears, and also depicted lying down and "pushing daisies" as the expression goes.

So what does it all mean? In a nod to Ezra's artistic exploration of happiness, sadness, triumphs and defeats, Benny's concept for this pin set deals with the joy and pain of daily life.

Our pets can be our best friends, yet we are cursed in many cases to outlive them, again and again and again. It can be enough to make even the Happiest of Clowns break down in tears...

A lot of us have lost a "once in a lifetime" pet that we really connected with - for Ezra, that was Coco. Only one thing can stop that kind of pain... your own death. Yeah, one day you'll be pushing up daisies too. If you're lucky, you'll walk across that Rainbow Bridge and find your Coco on the other side. We can only hope.

There's a lesson here somewhere. Actually, it's not that hard to find: make every day count. Enjoy the laughter and the pain, it'll all be over too soon.

Grab these pins and put them on your bag or your hat or your jacket and let them serve as a reminder to live every day to the fullest.

Do something good every day. Cuddle with your cat, give your dog belly rubs. Kiss your kids as they fall asleep. Walk an old lady across the street. Help a neighbor shovel their driveway. You never know when it'll be your last chance to do that.

The Saddest Pin Set Ever features 3 enamel pins ranging in size from 3 inches (Happy Pushing Daisies) to 1.5 inches (Coco), each with 2 posts and rubber backing.

All 3 pins are affixed to one cardback, adorned with Ezra's artwork. This is a limited edition of 200 sets.

The $30 pin set drops on the homepage of Tenacious Toys at 1PM EST on Friday February 3rd.

Catch Benny and Ezra on Instagram Live at 2PM just after the drop, chatting about art, life, toys and characters and of course, this pin set.

Ezra Brown IG: @ezrabr0wn 

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