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Unisaur Carnelian Orange 3-inch art toy by C-Concept Studio Available Now ! ! !

Unisaur Carnelian Orange 3-inch art toy by C-Concept Studio Available Now ! ! !



In April 2018, there was a discovery of an unknown species that were found lurking near a waste disposal area on Earth. A group of researchers immediately started to investigate these strange creatures that seemingly appeared out of nowhere but despite having all the scientific knowledge and data since the beginning of our existence, they could not identify or explain where they come from and why they are here. With so much unknown about them, governments around the world had originally tried to control information from leaking out to the public as they were concerned about fears of an alien invasion or other wild theories about their existence.

However due to their cute looking nature, the pictures of these creatures leaked out and quickly became a viral sensation, taking the internet and social media by storm. First, media started to brand them as dinosaurs as they represent the character such as their appearance. Then came to the people who started to hashtag Unicorns due to the unique horn like shape on the top of their heads. As a result, the term “Unisaur” was born and became the official label for these wonderful creatures.

  • Unisaur first collection: Metallic series
  • 3" art collectible
  • window boxed
  • limited edition


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