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Compton III’s most decked out SPY BOY

Compton III’s most decked out SPY BOY

AVAILABLE HERE: https://spacebroccoli.bigcartel.com/product/bruh-did-that

Bruh Did That?!

Compton III (b. 1991)
Bruh Did That?!, 2019-2023
36 in x 24 in x 16 in
Acrylic, Resin, Ostrich feathers, Swarovski Crystals, Glass beads

An ode to 1969, Compton III brings a new dimension to SPY BOY, inspired by one of two photos; the artist owns of his late grandfather seen masking with young relatives. Fully decked out, in true Mardi Gras Indian fashion, with ostrich feathers, hand sewn beadwork and sequins, plus cross stitch and shining in Swarovski crystals from head to toe. Affectionately referred to as "bruh" by his grandfather, the title "Bruh Did That?! answers what would he say if he had the chance to see it today.

Instagram: @Compton.iii



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Marbled Vinyl Release - Mushiro and The Moths

Marbled Vinyl Release - Mushiro and The Moths

AVAILABLE HERE: https://www.instagram.com/number2combo/

Debuting at Design Festa Vol. 57, Number 2 Combo are excited to announce that marbled soft vinyl Mushiro the Beetle and The Almonds are now available for pre-order!  

Each Moth is 30 USD plus shipping and measures 5.5” in height. Each Mushiro the Beetle is 35 USD plus shipping and measures 6” in height. These are soft vinyl figures made in Japan and designed in Canada by the brothers from Number 2 Combo (formerly Cereal Box Toys Go!). The figures are pulled in a special marbling of snow white and blue-gray vinyl. Mushiro and The Almonds are the first figures in a planned line of insect fighting themed sofubi.  

 To order, please send an email to number2combo@outlook.com including your full name, shipping address, and desired quantity. Orders will be accepted from June 2nd until June 9th at 23:59 EST. Once the invoice is paid your pre-order will be locked in. Please note that payment is required prior to the pre-order deadline. If payment is not received the order will be cancelled. The toys are expected to begin shipping out mid-July, although this is an approximate date as these vinyl toys are made to order.  

Mushiro is a hercules beetle who’d rather eat beetle jelly cups than fight, but the recent return of Insect Fighting has brought him back to the fighting circuit. Mushiro hopes to collect all the insect belts and use them along with his fame to as a platform to run as the first insect politician and end Insect Fighting once and for all. 

The Almonds are a pair of co-dependent moth brothers who always fight as a team. They aren’t’ particularly strong or intelligent, so they rely on tricks and manipulation to win a fight. The Almonds motive for fighting isn’t clear. It’s suspected that they accidentally signed up for the Insect Fighting circuit believing they had registered for a credit card to buy a new TV.  

Instagram: www.instagram.com/number2combo 

Email: number2combo@outlook.com 

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Threezero Founder Mr. Kim Fung Wong discusses “Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf” by Chinese ink artist Zao Dao

Threezero Founder Mr. Kim Fung Wong discusses “Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf” by Chinese ink artist Zao Dao

Threezero Founder Mr. Kim Fung Wong discusses “Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf” by Chinese ink artist Zao Dao



A really fascinating interview of Mr Kim Fung Wong, founder of Threezero, about translating Chinese ink artist Zao Dao's ink pieces into full-on articulated action figures. Have never even seen these before, and Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf is apparently Threezero's second set from Zao Dao. 

This is really a great example of me being too overloaded with emails and work to pay attention closely.... Threezero solicited these to us in December 2021 and I totally completely missed that email (5 days before Christmas, maybe that's why) but I am now kicking myself.

This set is a really good example of the type of works that I am super interested in - a fully artist-driven piece of collectible art, translated from 2D into 3D by a capable production partner. They look absolutely beautiful and so now I must contact Threezero to see if I can obtain some sets for my shop! Maybe a year too late? We will find out! Below is more info:

Zao Dao – 1/6 Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf (Standard Edition) 

With dogs lying on the ground, palm trees growing

everywhere, sunbeams reflecting on the water while snorkeling, everything was so chill and mellow in the village where Zao Dao, the Chinese female artist, was on vacation. It has become the concept of Zao Dao’s latest work “Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf”.

The story is about the adventure of a hard-working and brave fisher girl “Simu” and her 21-year-old muscular dog “Two-three”. One day, they meet the little elf “Shu” who is unrestrained, ever-changing, smart and troublesome. They live happily on the island, and begin with a series of joyful and mysterious adventures. 

Based on this story, threezero launched the threezeroX series of collectible figures for this artwork. In addition to the 6-inch "Simu " and "Shu”, and the dog "Two-three".

Background of ZaoDao:

Zao Dao is a passionate Chinese artist who was born in the 1990s. She has created many artworks which contain dreamscapes evoking strong senses of calmness, peacefulness, and courage.

Her first artbook named “Song of Sylvan” was published in 2015, where she introduced us to her fantasy world with her unique style of ink painting. The elves and monsters in her paintings had left a strong impression on readers around the world. Since then, threezero had begun developing a series of 1/6 figure projects with Zao Dao; leading with Crow Teeth from “Song of Sylvan.” In 2018, threezero collaborated with Zao Dao again for the project “Little Bugs.”

(note that the only example of Zao Dao's works that I can find on Amazon is "Cuisine Chinois" here.)

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Each is a fully functional punch dispenser made in the likeness of The Legend himself @officialgeraldokamura. I carved the crap out of a solid resin head by @mondaytoyclub, gutted a pez for it's functional innards, married the two with apoxy, molded, cast, painted, assembled, whew! Then sculpted a little fist that fits inside the punch dispenser, molded, cast in fabulous colors (some bloody flesh, some glow). Each will come with six or so of fists and three packs of delicious pez candy. Don't eat the fists unless you like broken teeth. Then blisters... Cleaning blisters, printing and cutting stickers, cutting thick ass board, sticking stickers to said board, punching board and then finally taping the blister down and..... done! Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

**** For the first time, I am offering up my prototype/master on this one. It's the actual one that I carved up, combined with Pez parts and then made my mold from. He'll come carded as well, but he's special because he's one of one. Oh, and he'll come with my original 'sculpt' for the fist - that's one of one too ;) ***

Once again thanks to @wtedesign for the awesome card art, I can't do it without him.

ALSO Available . . . 

AVAILABLE NOW: https://store.simiancheese.com/product/okamura-punch-the-drink-with-a-kick

Okamura's Legendary Hawaiian Punch  

The drink with a KICK!  This super elastic Okamura figure

sculpted by @nemoink is made from 100% weird rubber

that can withstand pretty much any beating that you can give him



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Jebii-kun 3D Poop Figure from Furry Feline Creatives 💩

Jebii-kun 3D Poop Figure from Furry Feline Creatives 💩

BUY HERE: https://furry-feline.com/products/jebii-kun-3d-poop-figure


Stands 3" x 2" x 2" all 3D printed using clear PLA and/or PLA+ filament. Designed & sculpted by Cheri Ong. 

Jebii-kun is the official mascot for I Heart Poop Culture brand by Furry Feline Creatives. 

The figure is packed in a plastic bag with a cardstock header card.   Each header card is also a collectible comic strip!  

* Rumor has it that we will be having HUGE DUMP at this year's San Diego Comic Con! ;)
* Jebs in Tagalog (Filipino) is a slang that means poop and Kun in Japanese used to refer to young men and sometimes women.  It is a known fact that we are influenced by multi-cultural backgrounds, thus these Jebii-kuns will come in various colors and sizes!  
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NervisWr3k, Frank Mysterio & Winvill x Mechdesigns ON DISPLAY NOW

NervisWr3k, Frank Mysterio & Winvill x Mechdesigns ON DISPLAY NOW

Available Here: https://clutter.co/c/gallery/regressed-progress-a-nerviswr3k-solo-show/

Monsters and more...

Regressed Progress!
A Nerviswr3k solo show!

Clutter is proud to present Regressed Progress, a solo show by Nerviswr3k. His highly detailed and personal work springs from his ongoing mental health battles. This struggle manifests as paranoid delusions of overlords, infestations, drones, and the personification of pain, amongst a horde of other demons.

A long-time member of the Designer Toy community, Nerviswr3k’s show with Clutter has been a long time coming, and it is certain to touch the souls of all who see it and partake in his unique vision.

On display now until June 2nd, drop us an email or phone call, and make an appointment to see these customs in person! 

Can't make it to the Gallery? No problem! 


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Terracotta  Man of Many Weapons MAY 17th ! ! !

Terracotta Man of Many Weapons MAY 17th ! ! !

Available Here: 


New Colorway release – Terracoota

Gerald Okamura "Man of Many Weapons" release !

Stands 5.25 inches tall. Comes bagged with header card !




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Light Cult Crypto STAR SKULL Bulb by Ron English x Clutter ! ! !

Light Cult Crypto STAR SKULL Bulb by Ron English x Clutter ! ! !

Exclusive Ron English Resin Sculptures!

Light Cult Crypto STAR SKULL Bulb by Ron English x Clutter  

Presenting; The Light Cult Crypto STAR SKULL Bulb by Ron English X Clutter in yellow and blue glow-in-the-dark!

Brand new sculpt dropping this
Friday, April 21st at 12 pm EST
on Clutter.co

In his latest delusion, Ron English
has combined one of his most iconic images
into his Light Cult Crypto Bulb universe!

Each of the Light Cult Crypto Bulbs is a bigger-than-life 6” double-cast resin, handmade piece of art, created in NY by Clutter Studios.

Every Light Cult Crypto Bulb comes with an acrylic stand, in a special wooden box with a COA signed by Ron English. Not only that, they GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!

Limited to 50 pieces, this is the 4th color-way of the previously SOLD OUT Light Cult Crypto Bulb series, but the first in this new sculpt!


Please Note: Due to the hand-made nature of these pieces, some variation in color may occur from piece to piece. This ensures that each piece is unique in its own way.

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Skuzbeast vinyl monster by Trash Bag Bunch XL

Skuzbeast vinyl monster by Trash Bag Bunch XL

Trash Bag Bunch XL: Skuzbeast vinyl toy

Vinyl art toy licensed from the original Trash Bag Bunch mini figures of the early 90s

This is a new, large-scale figure based on the character from the classic toy line. Trash Bag Bunch XL are four times the size of the original mini figures with added detail and articulation. Skuzbeast is traditionally designed, sculpted, and prototyped by hand, then will be produced in a factory using high-quality vinyl and paints. The previous releases are Muckoid and Liceplant.  Here's Skuzbeast XL towering over the original mini figure!



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Who TF is Plastic Pizza? Find out on the Lunch with Biggie Podcast

Who TF is Plastic Pizza? Find out on the Lunch with Biggie Podcast

So Plastic Pizza is like everywhere all the time. Collabs with literally everyone. Shirts, toys, events, conventions, tons of artwork! So who are they and what are they all about? Listen to this episode of the Lunch with Biggie podcast and find out!

IG: https://www.instagram.com/lunchwithbiggie/?hl=en

ALL THE LINKS: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lunchwithbiggie

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/show/3euiwS1S6IQXoNOgjdG956

APPLE PODCASTS: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/plastic-pizza-jordan-fuchs-puts-his-love-of-pizza/id1554200528?i=1000604081396



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Clutter is super excited to present Knuckle Up,
A Fu-Stamps custom show!!

For this show, each artist was provided one Fu-Stamps statue for customization.

Artists include:
5thturtle  • Break Bones  • Czee13 • David Bishop (Run DMB),  • Evil Dave • FlyBoy  • GhostfoxToys  • Harshmallows • Klav • Mumbot • Nemo • Priscilla Marquez • ReviseD • RIOS • SergAndDestroy & More

The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on March 11th, 2023 from 6-9 pm. All work will be on display until March 31st.

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Junior Jr. x SinNominé Capsule collection out NOW ! ! !

Junior Jr. x SinNominé Capsule collection out NOW ! ! !

BUY NOW: https://www.thenewmeta.xyz/store

Junior Jr. x SinNominé Capsule collection out now ! ! ! 

Three incredible items available:







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