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Limited Edition Resin Release by Patrick Wong ! ! !

Limited Edition Resin Release by Patrick Wong ! ! !

ST12 Turbo and ST1200 limited edition resin release by Patrick Wong

Designer toy artist Patrick Wong drops two new resin editions on Sunday January 22, 2023. Inspired by sample-based beat making and Sci-Fi (via Stormtrooper helmets), Patrick adds a couple of new entries into a series of art toy releases for music producers and designer toy collectors alike.

In blue and gray, the first release flips the classic Trooper helmet with the 1986 SP12 Turbo "sampling drum computer". A vintage drum machine coveted by music producers for it's signature lofi audio and 5 seconds of sample time.

The second in black and gray, is modeled after a custom one-of-a-kind vinyl artwork he created in 2015 referencing the early 90's reissue edition of the Emu Systems SP1200 sampling drum machine.

 Both the ST12 Turbo and ST1200 releases are handcrafted and will be available for preorder at his shop (https://www.patrickwongart.com) starting January 22, 2023 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST. Each piece comes complete with COA and inside a wooden crate with acoustic foam for US$350.


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Stoopid Buddy Stoodios Brings ‘Nouns’ to the 134th Annual Rose Parade

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios Brings ‘Nouns’ to the 134th Annual Rose Parade

The Emmy Award-winning animation studio teams up with the Nouns DAO digital art community to usher in 2023, designing and building a 65-foot-long float manned by greater than life-sized memes Cone, Pickle, and Shark – some of the digital figures sold in daily NFT auctions.

Emmy Award-winning animation studio Stoopid Buddy Stoodios has moved far beyond the hilarious Robot Chicken hijinks they’re known for to bring their stop-motion production fabrication expertise into the “real” world with a unique New Year’s Day challenge. As stop-motion animation specialists, the studio boasts of its physical fabrication and construction capabilities – typically used to build wild and amazing things like sets, characters, armatures, and costumes – but usually, all pretty tiny. But for this special project, the team went BIG to bring the digital arts community Nouns into the 134th Annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, with a stunning float that reflects the signature talent of the SBS’ “Buddies,” a team of world-class builders and artists.

Conceived, proposed, and designed by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, along with float builder AES, the giant 65-foot-long float will help the Rose Parade kick off 2023, reflecting this year’s theme of “Turning the Corner” as it introduces millions of viewers to the Nouns. The float, called “Meet the Nouns,” features 50-foot-tall figures of “Cone,” “Pickle,” and “Shark,” three of the digital art figures sold in Nouns DAO daily NFT auctions (non-fungible tokens). Money collected from the NFT sales funds a world of artistic and public works ideas and projects that the Nouns holder community votes to support.

One such project is the Nouns Noggles, the real-life wearable glasses designed and produced by Bigshot Toyworks through a grant from the Nouns DAO. Paper "Lo-Fi" versions of the Noggles (also produced by Bigshot Toyworks) will be on the smiling faces of many of the spectators at the Rose Parade.

“Nouns” are artistic, digital representations of everything Nouns is about, a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO – a path to the future of an online culture that is moving into the new Web3 world.

“We’re always looking for new ways, new ideas, and new entry points to express ourselves creatively,” notes Stoopid Buddy head of development Chris Waters. “We share important common traits with Nouns – we’re at the intersection of emerging technology, artist empowerment, and a vision of community-run organizations. So, the more we learned about Nouns, the more excited we became to put our creative skills to the test to tell the Nouns’ story.”

“We love our broadcast and streaming partners, but as intermediaries we don’t get that one-to-one relationship with our fans on their platforms,” Waters adds. “NFTs provide a new way to create and deploy IP and to build direct relationships with our fans where they can feel much closer to us, the creative process and can actually own a small piece of the worlds we create together.”

“No one else blends the creative vision and physical production capabilities – along with the vision of being an artistic collective – quite the way Stoopid Buddy does,” agreed studio co-founder Eric Towner. “What Nouns is doing is totally new and only possible because of blockchain and web technology, so we understood that the parade organizers might be hesitant. To their credit, they immediately loved the idea, and we are incredibly excited that we’ll be introducing Nouns to the parade’s global audience.”

Towner continues, “Our more recent costume work for The Masked Singer has been the perfect gateway drug to tackling something as ambitious as a 65-foot-long float for the Rose Parade. This has been a massive undertaking with plenty of challenges, but it’s gotten us to stretch creatively and we’re hopeful it’ll bring a smile to people’s faces when they see it rolling down Colorado Boulevard!

Speaking of the challenges encountered by Stoopid Buddies on the project, Towner explains, “The first big challenge was explaining what Nouns is as a DAO and Web3 company to a very traditional volunteer-led institution like the Rose Parade. To their credit, they were very patient, asked all the right questions, and embraced us. The other challenge as a first-time participant has been wrapping our heads around logistics. This is a massive, coordinated event, and we’re constantly feeling one step behind.”

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, head of builds, Luke Javellana with the Nouns walkarounds.

Towner further shares the daunting logistics of getting hundreds of thousands of flowers on the float, prepping the dance crew and DJ, and ensuring their team knew where to be amongst the madness of over a million people who line up along the route. In addition, the design and build of the float and the character costumes were a huge undertaking.  The Stoopid Buddy “Builds Team” also designed and fabricated six walk-around character costumes that will ride on the float on the day of the parade.

“Nouns hopes to become a ubiquitous brand, or as they refer to it, meme,” Towner says. “Stoopid Buddy Stoodios wanted to create something that was big and absurd that captured the boundless energy and spirit of the Nouns community, and that would be seen by millions. As Stoopid Buddy’s head of development, I also grew up in Pasadena and worked the parade selling programs as a kid, so I thought it would be a great event to bring Nouns onto the national stage.”

Stoopid Buddy is also producing its first-ever documentary about the experience of connecting with the artwork-based NFT company Nouns, developing, designing, and bringing to life the float for one of the most well-known parades in the world.

The 134th Rose Parade Presented by Honda can be seen nationwide beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday, January 2, 2023, live from Pasadena, California.

Source: Stoopid Buddies Stoodios

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MEGALOBOT a new resin art toy from KillerKomik

MEGALOBOT a new resin art toy from KillerKomik

From comics page to digital screen to resin art, KillerKomik presents @patraditia's
original super robot character MEGALOBOT as a designer toy.

A chibi version of Megalo Emperor, the Dragonian Warriors ultimate weapon with ultra-dimensional powers to protect the universe from giant monsters and tyrants.

First edition of this resin art toy stands at 5 inch tall and hand painted in original

Limited to just 15 pieces for Rp. 750.000,- and already launched on November 14th, 2022.

Shipping comes in package box with certificate of authenticity and bonus sticker

For purchasing information, please visit instagram page @koildragonian or e-mail

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Halloween Cat vinyl toy by BleedingEdges

Halloween Cat vinyl toy by BleedingEdges


Just $35-45 gets you the 5" vinyl toy! Other items available as well like buttons. Campaign ends Nov 13th.

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DISNEY x Joe Ledbetter at WonderGround Gallery – Downtown Disney, Anaheim California ! ! !

DISNEY x Joe Ledbetter at WonderGround Gallery – Downtown Disney, Anaheim California ! ! !

Artist Showcase with Joe Ledbetter at WonderGround Gallery – Downtown Disney, Anaheim, CA.

Join us for the Disneyland Resort debut of a limited-edition, black-and-white vinyl collection by artist Joe Ledbetter. Joe captures the unique personality of each character in the collection of 6 figures—featuring Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Daisy and Goofy. (Figures stand between 4 – 6 inches tall approximately, and should retail around $40 each. Each figure is a limited edition of 1000. A 16×20″ archival print on stretched canvas titled “Before” will also be available at WonderGround Gallery).

Guests who purchase figures or artwork by Joe Ledbetter on the event day at the event location may have the opportunity to meet the artist and have select merchandise signed.

  • Date: November 13, 2022
  • Time: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Location: WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney District

Additional Information
Appearing artist will only sign their respective merchandise. Limit one of each item signed per Guest. No personal items will be signed. Purchase limits will apply.

Please Note: All events and information are subject to cancellation or change without notice including but not limited to dates, times, artwork, release dates, edition sizes and retail prices. Merchandise for signing must be purchased on the event day at the event location. Valid Disneyland Resort receipt may be required.


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Fundraiser for Juan Muniz - Broken Heel - can you help?

Fundraiser for Juan Muniz - Broken Heel - can you help?

DONATE HERE: https://gofund.me/4d62b093

Please help support Juan Muniz, a guy who works himself to the bone to spread his positive message around the world! On a recent job, someone stepped on his foot/heel, broke his heel and possibly damaged a tendon!

Juan got back from the trip and got a pretty concerning diagnosis so he will be off his feet for a while and will need our support to seek the medical attention he needs to continue on his mission of positivity!

Please help donate to his medical fund! He is an artist and must self fund all medical costs. Hugs and hearts to all of you.



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Boozin’Buddie$  Presents: The Absolute BIGGEST RAFFLE Prize Ever!

Boozin’Buddie$ Presents: The Absolute BIGGEST RAFFLE Prize Ever!




The Absolute BIGGEST RAFFLE Prize Ever!


What started as kind gesture by @Umitoyshawaii - who donated three exclusive items, The Wash Over Me Scribe x Quiccs Teq63 (LE69), the Bat Pig Scribe x Quiccs Teq63 (LE69) and a UVD Toys x Scribe Rumpus (LE50), to be raffled off on the very  first ever in person Boozin’Buddie$ Custom Group Show - snowballed into a community coming together to help raise funds for Boozin’Buddie$!! UmiToys committed to donate the funds to help Boozin’Buddie$ grow. The funds were to be turned around and purchase a rotocaster. The community then stepped in and we started to receive donations from artists all over the country!!

The raffle prize pot has exploded!!  For the same raffle ticket of $10 (of 3 for $20) - you have a chance to take home ALL the items pictured below (+so much more) making this the BIGGEST RAFFLE giveaway we've EVER put together!! Not all items are pictured as the prize pot grows everyday but you WILL be receiving amazing art from the following artists:






























+ more!!!!

To purchase a raffle ticket DM @playfulgorilla ASAP! Cut off for raffle tickets are Wednesday 10/26 at midnight!! We shall choose a winner LIVE on Boozin’Buddie$ -the Live instagram show hosted at the @playfulgorilla page - on Friday 10/28 @8:30pm EST.

Please reach out to @playfulgorilla for any questions or concerns.


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Click the Link HERE: https://www.gohero.com/press

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - October 20, 2022 

GoHero, makers of award-winning collectables based on pop-culture icons announced today its partnership with Atomic Toybox Entertainment, producers of award-winning animation and live action entertainment brands, for the launch of Forgotten Future©, a new property and toy line.

The first peek into the Forgotten Future is a new line of limited-edition designer vinyl figures with articulation and accessories featuring “Zappy© – Mysterious Laser Boy of Space”. The Zappy vinyl figure stands 9” tall, comes with a removable jet pack, ray gun, and holster and comes in multiple color variations exclusive to retailers.

“We blended the action of Rocketmen, the horror of War of the Worlds, and the charm of E.T. with shocking results!” – Steve Forde, GoHero

Forgotten Future is an exciting adventure that explores the story of a boy cursed with cosmic secrets of a Martian invasion that threatens humanity and the lost heroes he must find in order to save the world once more. The Forgotten Future universe serves as a setting for multiple new stories and twists on old favorites. In addition to Forgotten future, Atomic Toybox and Go Hero are developing several exciting new properties to produce in-house and for third-party licensing.

“Transforming classic science fiction concepts into fresh and exciting stories for a new audience is both a thrilling and gratifying experience.”- Michael Polis, Atomic Toybox Entertainment

This light-hearted expression of space heroes and monsters is licensed and produced by long-time collaborator, Executive Replicas.

“I fell in love with the design, illustrations and animation. We are excited to finally be making it come to life in figural form!” – Winston Dunlop II, co-founder Executive Replicas.

GoHero and Executive Replicas have co-produced high-end collectibles, many of which were the first-ever figure of beloved pop-culture icons (The Shadow, Doc Savage, Lost in Space, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Vincent Price, Stan Lee).

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Beetlejuice Grum Reapur by Brad 'Grum Reapur' Rumble ! ! !

Beetlejuice Grum Reapur by Brad 'Grum Reapur' Rumble ! ! !

Available Here: https://www.grumreapur.com/


Name of release: Beetlejuice Grum Reapur Release date: Friday 30th September 00.01 (GMT) Price of release: £66.60 Edition of size: Limited time release (30 Sep - 31 Oct)

10% of sales from this Grum Reapur will go towards supporting Norfolk based mental health charity Julian Support, more about them and what they do below.

This Grum will only be available to buy within the Halloween period, 30th Sep to the 31st  October.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Brad/Grum grew up loving the earlier Tim Burton films and his work has definitely been influenced by him over the years, planting a seed of the macabre in the mind, so when the Grums (the self chosen name of his collectors and followers) asked him  to make a Beetlejuice Grum for this years Halloween release he was a little bit overjoyed, why hadn’t he done this before?

Brad set about sculpting the piece by absolutely destroying one of the blanks, tearing away the hood to make way for Beetlejuices crazy hair, before letting the epoxy clay dry and beginning the painting process. Utilising layers of acrylic, inkwash and Culture Hustles Black 2.0 to bring the little dude to life, before getting the quintessential layers of varnish down to protect the careful paintjob, all in all around 7-8 hours of sculpting and painting to bring him out of the deadworld he usually inhabits, even though it would be easier to say his name 3 times to summon him.

About Julian Support
The following is information taken directly from their website, click on the headers to go directly to the page for more in depth information.

Our Values
We are an organisation driven by our values. This means that the decisions that we make are based upon the values that we share across Julian Support.

We place the needs of the people that we support at the heart of all our decision making, ensuring that the services that we provide meet their expectations and are delivered by staff who are well trained and feel motivated to work for us.

Strengths and Recovery
Too many services concentrate on finding out what is wrong and putting it right. We concentrate on finding out what is right and helping people use that strength to help manage what is wrong.


The things that work for people are often the things that they have a passion for or interest in. They can also be aspects of their personality that make them who they are, for example, their sense of humour, ability to empathise or competitive streak.


About the Beetlejuice Grum Reapur
Each Grum is handcast by artist Brad Rumble in polyurethane resin, a similar substance to that which they make car bumpers out of, so that means its incredibly durable and resistant to high heat (seriously, he tried melting one as an experiment and it didn’t even scorch). They are all handpainted from a blank white base, primed in a grey airbrush primer, then varnished using Montana Gold premium spray varnish, then signed and numbered on the bottom.

Each Grum is handcrafted carefully and lovingly made to the highest of standards in the highest quality materials.

This is a collectors item for ages 14 and up.

Please note these are made to order and will ship in 15-21 business days, this allows for the materials to cure properly.

This model is:

l Handcast

l Handpainted

l Polyurethane Resin - 110g

l Grum Measure 7cm x 7cm x 6.5cm

l Comes with stickers (subject to availability)

l Only available for a limited time (1st October to 31st October)

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Broke Piggy x Scott Tolleson Shard Show 3  DCON  November 18-19 BOOTH #218

Broke Piggy x Scott Tolleson Shard Show 3 DCON November 18-19 BOOTH #218

Broke Piggy x Scott Tolleson 
Shard Show 3
November 18-19 
BOOTH #218
Been 4 years since the last Shard Show.  Coming back strong.  
Mix of 3" and 5" Shard customs. 
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WHOA by Nerviswr3k available now ! ! !

WHOA by Nerviswr3k available now ! ! !




"Addition of 10 pieces this one is titled “Whoa” this figure is also made out of resin it’s 3 inches tall by 4 x 4 it’s got full grass and it’s fixed on a base it’s munching on magic mushrooms and he’s feeling very very groovy this one is also a limited edition of 10 figures and it’s got to remove a bum bitten mushrooms this is also on my site ready for release for purchase. Both these figures are made in resin paint it with acrylic paint with a dry brush technique. they are available now on my website." 



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SADNESS by Nerviswr3k available for PRE-ORDER now ! ! !

SADNESS by Nerviswr3k available for PRE-ORDER now ! ! !

BUY IT NOW: https://nerviswr3k.storenvy.com/collections/1654524-available-art/products/35710021-i-m-sick-in-the-mental



3.25 inches

Solid high quality resin

Faux hair

Removable dome reveals sick brain

Edition of 10



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