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Announcing Mini Royale x Sank Toys ! ! !

Announcing Mini Royale x Sank Toys ! ! !

Figurine and gaming collectible fans, assemble! 🔥 A legendary collaboration is coming in hot to unite Mini Royale fans and Sank Toys enthusiasts under one ultra rare collection.

Mini Royale: Nations, a leading browser-based first-person shooter, has partnered with none other than designer toy brand Sank Toys to bring a new life to Sank’s limited edition collectibles 🤝

The Mini Royale x Sank Toys Collection will launch on July 7, along with in-game content updates including a new Arena map (Lonely Park), a Sank home screen takeover, and a new and very special 1-month series of quests that reward rare Sank weapons and character skins, available only to owners of Sank Heroes.


Mini Royale worked closely with Sank Toys to create thousands of unique variations based on over 50 classic Sank Toys models—including Darkness, Future Boy, Dreams, Blues, Obsidian, Encounter, the list continues—to ensure that each Hero in the Mini Royale x Sank Toys Collection is completely one-of-a-kind.

Heroes will also receive attributes like personality traits, positive and negative quirks, specialties, zodiac signs, and more.

In short, your Sank Hero will be yours and yours alone. No two are the same 🙅

Owners of Mini Royale x Sank Toys Heroes will be able to unlock a special series of quests known as the Sank Scavenger Hunt—a new set of in-game missions that will reward rare Sank weapons and an exclusive legendary Sank character skin accessible only through the completion of the hunt.

Owners of 3+ Sank Heroes will also unlock an airdrop of Heroes from Mini Royale’s upcoming Season 3, launching in July 🎁

The Mini Royale x Sank Toys Collection is coming soon—You’re not going to want to miss this one.


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