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Blackie the Cat "Chai 18" Plush + Original Art ! ! !

Blackie the Cat "Chai 18" Plush + Original Art ! ! !

Add this rare edition of Blackie the Cat to your collection

Drops Saturday, April 9, 9am Pacific
SET YOUR ALARMS to get your own rare Blackie the Cat
that celebrates his 18 years of playful spirit and compassion.
 Order at

Click HERE to access the online gallery
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Anyone who acquires a new drawing before 
Saturday, April 9, 9am Pacific is guaranteed one of the 18 rare plush figures.


Playing off the number 18, Baseman calls this drawing and plush series the Chai Edition. Chai (חי), pronounced like “hi,” means life in Hebrew. Lifelong friends, the artist and Blackie the Cat shared a bond that touched the lives of thousands through many of their art collaborations.

The Special Chai 18 Edition plush (edition of 18) includes Blackie the Cat in a striped hat and a "Red Elifant." Accessories are meticulously made by hand in the US by Flat Bonnie. Each plush is signed and numbered by Baseman, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


May the POWER OF PURR be with you!

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