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Let's Be Onyx: A New Creative Think-Tank Shaping the Future of Pop-Culture

Let's Be Onyx: A New Creative Think-Tank Shaping the Future of Pop-Culture



Let's Be Onyx: A New Creative Think-Tank Shaping the Future of Pop-Culture

North Hollywood, CA - July 5th 2023 - Let's Be Onyx, is a new cutting-edge powerhouse collaboration of five accomplished entities, all with a rich history of pop-culture success. Sharing vision and decades of collective experience, Let's Be Onyx will create unique pop-art collecting experiences and provide services to talented emerging artists and new and existing brands with collaborative access to creative, production and distribution opportunities to share their visionary work.

The founding members of Let's Be Onyx comprise five entities:

Acori Honzo and LaWanda Shepherd (from the House of Honzo) - Philadelphia based artists renowned for their figural art celebrating the historical figures, culture, and lore of the African American community.

Kwame Holland - A world-famous rapper, producer, influencer, and pop-culturalist, who brings his unparalleled creativity and unique perspective to Let's Be Onyx.

Atomic Toybox Entertainment - Led by Michael Polis, a renowned producer of film, TV entertainment, and consumer products, Atomic Toybox Entertainment is poised to shape the future of pop-culture with Let's Be Onyx.

GoHero - Led by Steve Forde, GoHero is an esteemed team of artists, designers, and producers known for their groundbreaking licensed collectibles and original pop-art products, as well as their strategic creativity for iconic brands.

Disburst – A prominent distributor and brand activator in the designer toy space, boasting strong connections with top retailers, artist tastemakers, production studios, and led by Scott Kuenzli. Scott brings multiple decades of experience in the software, visual arts, and retail industries, having cut a path through all three from ground floor entry to strategic leadership over his professional careers.

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