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Limited Edition Resin Release by Patrick Wong ! ! !

Limited Edition Resin Release by Patrick Wong ! ! !

ST12 Turbo and ST1200 limited edition resin release by Patrick Wong

Designer toy artist Patrick Wong drops two new resin editions on Sunday January 22, 2023. Inspired by sample-based beat making and Sci-Fi (via Stormtrooper helmets), Patrick adds a couple of new entries into a series of art toy releases for music producers and designer toy collectors alike.

In blue and gray, the first release flips the classic Trooper helmet with the 1986 SP12 Turbo "sampling drum computer". A vintage drum machine coveted by music producers for it's signature lofi audio and 5 seconds of sample time.

The second in black and gray, is modeled after a custom one-of-a-kind vinyl artwork he created in 2015 referencing the early 90's reissue edition of the Emu Systems SP1200 sampling drum machine.

 Both the ST12 Turbo and ST1200 releases are handcrafted and will be available for preorder at his shop ( starting January 22, 2023 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST. Each piece comes complete with COA and inside a wooden crate with acoustic foam for US$350.


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