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Mercedes-Benz x Superplastic Event in NYC!

Mercedes-Benz x Superplastic Event in NYC!

The start of a wild new road trip for Mercedes-Benz and SUPERPLASTIC


OK, so what is up with this partnership?

Mercedes Benz explains:

We met up with SUPERPLASTIC in Las Vegas for the CES 2023 to launch a new brand partnership that’s sure to be quite the ride ahead! Together, we took a pop-culture legend – the “Wackeldackel” nodding dog dashboard toy – and reinvented him into a modern-day icon: Superdackel!

As the newest character in the SUPERPLASTIC universe, Superdackel loomed over the Mercedes-Benz CES stand as a 2.5-metre (8.2-foot) supersized statue. He was the star of a new animated short film together with SUPERPLASTIC’s Janky and Guggimon. It’s just the very start of a lively adventure as Mercedes-Benz and SUPERPLASTIC hit the road.

Hit the road they did! One stop being the Superplastic Store in Manhattan NYC ! ! 

Location: 15 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012

Our take? This was an incredible packed-out event! Guests were offered an assortment of refreshments. As you enjoyed a pear and goat cheese crostini you could play a claw machine for your chance to win an assortment of Superdackel goodies!

Everyone wanted to try their chance at the CLAW MACHINE! 

Pear 🍐 and Goat 🐐 Cheese 🧀 Crostini 🥐

A picture for size reference of Superdackel. They closed off the street for the event! o_O

Before the party began we were able to check out the assortment of Mercedes-Benz x Superplastic goods and walked away with a really nice riding scarf. 

Always super cool to see the companies that we deal with taking big leaps (in our book, SP is a toy vendor but of course the reality is that they are more like an entertainment brand). A partnership with Mercedes Benz is surprising but actually, on a personal level, I am stoked to find out what the next stage of this partnership is. I wonder if they'll have a SP branded edition of one of their cars? I remember in high school some of the kids drove Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Explorers. An apparel / lifestyle brand partnering with a car company. Sounds familiar!


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