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New York Toy Fair 2023 - all the cool stuff!

New York Toy Fair 2023 - all the cool stuff!

🚀✨ Hold onto your seats, folks! Last week, the Tenacious Toys team had an absolute blast as they jetted off to the New York Toy Fair, and let's just say it was an unforgettable experience! 🎉🗽

Picture this: The iconic Jacob Javits Center in the heart of NYC, filled to the brim with the coolest, quirkiest, and most mind-blowing toys and collectibles you can imagine. 🏙️🎪

It was Toy Fair's last year in the Big Apple, and we made sure to soak up every moment of the magic. 💫 From action figures that could save the day to plushies that could make you burst into laughter, we were surrounded by a whirlwind of creativity and fun! 🎈🎨

The energy was electric, the displays were jaw-dropping, and the smiles were endless as we explored the latest trends and innovations in the world of toys. 🚁🤖

And guess what? We couldn't resist sharing the excitement with all of you! 📸📣 Keep an eye on our updates because we've got some fantastic finds from the Toy Fair that we can't wait to bring your way. Get ready for a toy-tastic adventure that'll make your inner child do cartwheels! 🎠🧒

So stay tuned, because at Tenacious Toys, the fun never stops! Check out some sweet pics of our trip! 

We wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't actually play test the merchandise! 

Prepare to eat Benny's dust ! ! ! (Fun fact: Benny won many bike races as a kid - the first one was on a Big Wheel! He still has all the medals!)

LEGO never disappoints and the new DREAMZZZ series is incredible! Right before Toy Fair, Benny and his fam got to attend a VIP event centered around the playability of the DREAMZ series from LEGO.

Always great to see some new prototypes in the wild! 

Gotta show love to the GOTHAM goat!!! 

Chainsaw MAN new big toys are on the way! Produced by Monogram. 

Check out the Tenacious behind the scenes tours of various action figures, statues and busts right on the Tenacious Youtube channel! More will be uploaded soon, Benny took tons!

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