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Nounish Friends Mini Figures

Nounish Friends Mini Figures

Who knew a best friend could be a person, a place and a thing?
The latest Bigshot release under their Nounworks label is a fun, colorful mini figure series: Nounish Friends.
Presented in the traditional blind box mystery figure style, Nounish Friends comes in countertop display cases containing nine mystery figures (six standard figures plus three chase color variants).
Nounish Friends have swappable heads and glasses, so you can mix and match and create your own characters.
There were only 300 full sets produced, and many of the traits will never be produced again (the next series will feature different characters and variants).
For a short time, Nounish Friends are available as full, complete sets via a 2-week Kickstarter campaign. After the campaign ends, the figures will be sent out to select shops and boutiques around the world, and full sets of Nounish Friends will be much harder to complete.
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