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Seventy Three Studios is proud to present, Mumboo Jumboo

Seventy Three Studios is proud to present, Mumboo Jumboo


Seventy Three Studios is proud to present, our first collectable designer figure, Mumboo Jumboo.

100 limited edition resin figures will be available Thursday, June 22nd at 1pm PDT. Mumboo Jumboo is based on concept drawings by artist Abe Mora. 


"Mumboo Jumboo"

-Limited edition of 100 

-8" high quality resin figure 
-Magnetically attached mask

Each figure comes with an artist signed and numbered card of authenticity.


$175 USD+ shipping

For more details visit




In the mystical swamps of New Orleans, there resides a curious and mysterious creature known as the Mumboo Jumboo. Born from the ancient whispers of the bayou, Mumboo Jumboo possesses a supernatural connection to the spirits and magic of the swamps. Legends say that he was once an ordinary rabbit, transformed by a powerful voodoo priestess seeking to protect her sacred lands. Given the power to commune with the spirit world, Mumboo Jumboo roams the murky marshes, guiding lost souls and casting spells of healing and protection. With eyes that hold ancient wisdom and a coat that shimmers with mystical energies, Mumboo Jumboo is a guardian of the secrets hidden within the depths of the New Orleans swamps, forever bound to the harmony between the natural and supernatural realms.


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