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Five Points Fest 2022 - BUY TICKETS NOW ! ! ! June 25th & 26th

Five Points Fest 2022 - BUY TICKETS NOW ! ! ! June 25th & 26th

We are so excited to be bringing back Five Points Festival to you IRL!! How we have missed everyone!

Taking place at Brooklyn’s Zero Space, the festival will bring together the best in Indie Artists, Designer Toys, Original Art, Resin Sculptures, Plush, Blind Boxes, Blanks, Minis, Kaiju, Japanese Vinyl, Street Art, Posters, Prints, Apparel, Live Painting, Craft Beer, Food Trucks, Pins, Patches, Tattooing and more!

The antidote to the average con, Five Points Fest brings together tastemakers, misfits, and rebels into a one-of-a-kind marketplace.

So... what are you waiting for?

Click Here for MORE information and TICKETS >>> https://www.fivepointsfest.com/

Who will be this years champion for the ART BATTLE ! ! ! ( JCORP featured artist above and former 5 Points Festival Champion) 

Do you like BEER and TOYS? Yeah they got that covered at Five Points Festival ! ! ! 

- VENDORS 2022 - 

3rd ETHOS Gallery • 5thTurtle • BogxSquad • Bruckaroni Toys N' Thangs • BxE Buttons X StaciaMade • Cat Atomic • Cherry Moth Cake • CloverPuff • Clutter • Concrete Jungle • Creeping Death Robot Club • Danger Bot • Eddieinthecity/ Bunnymischief • From Beyond • James Groman • Kaiju Steven x Plastic Pizza • Lone Coconut • Martian Toys / Mothership Toy Gallery • Marusan Toys Inc • Merging Worlds * MyPlasticHeart • Natebear / Easily Amused • Nugglife • RAMPAGE TOYS • Ressin Blood • Rick Sans / Serganddestroy • Rios Toy Design • Ron English / Popaganda • Sad Salesman • Seismic LLC • StickUp Monsters • Stormy Vault • Sunguts • Super7 • Tara McPherson/The Cotton Candy Machine • The Mark Ultra • Tim Clarke • Toy Art Gallery • Toy Tokyo • Vampire Robots • Vincent Scala • Wizards of Barge • Zukie Art Inc & More...

- Artist Alley -

All Nighter Productions • Bombastic Plastic (Neil Ewing) • Boontucket • CreepyMonsta • Diana Teeter Art • DOPEPOPE • Droldn • Ebb N Flow Design • Fetch for Donuts • Girlypop • Glitch Bitch • iLiKeCooLsHiT • Mecha Zone • MUSCULOIDS • Mutant Pulp • Nekosatsu toys • Noristudio • Pancho Abalos • pinkgabbercat • PNL Toy Works • Quentin Lefebvre art (formally Jaykenneth Toys) • RedGuardian • Rhododo • Sharpy • Snack Rabbit • Space Rabbit Studio • The Graveyard Rave • Zimot • iLiKeCooLsHiT • Glitch Bitch • Lulu VanHoagland • Mako Fufu • The Graveyard Rave • Goellnerd Pins • turtlecaps & More...

A Few F.A.Q answers:

2020 ticket holders:
All purchased tickets from 2020 onwards will be honored. If you can't make it this year, no problem, we will honor your ticket next year! No need to do anything for either option! 

Covid-19 Policy:
At the moment we have no city imposed restrictions for Covid. We recommend wearing a mask, being vaccinated, and social distancing but everyone should measure their own personal risk.

When are the Designer Toy Awards?
This year's ceremony will be held during Five Points Fest Fall in October. 


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TIKUMO Super Tiki Sumo Japanese Sofubi 8th Colorway Signed and Numbered Available NOW ! ! !

TIKUMO Super Tiki Sumo Japanese Sofubi 8th Colorway Signed and Numbered Available NOW ! ! !



Super Tiki Sumo

Japanese Sofubi   

8th Colorway

Signed and Numbered  

Available Saturday April 22, 2022


  Exclusive Release at:

   KAPPA Toys

   Las Vegas, Nevada



4.5 inch  Sofubi figure

Comes with -Sticker, Button, Dohyo, Header & Bag


Concept- @officialgeraldokamura   -   Gerald Okamura


Artwork- @nopal62                      -         David Gonzalez


Sculpt- @w.m.sculpts               -       Whitney Mitchell


Paint Artist - @atomica_exotica                -    Atomic Exotica

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[In] Action Figures 10 Presented by Clutter ! ! !

[In] Action Figures 10 Presented by Clutter ! ! !

Buckle up, because it’s time to get down to business! We are extremely excited to bring you our 10th annual bootleg toy group show, [In]Action Figures!

Join us as we bring you the best in bootleg toys and figures, crazy creations, dastardly designs, and tongue-in-cheek takes on the pop culture products that made us the people we are today.

Elevating the art of action figures/bootlegs to its rightful place as a primal and direct art form.  The act of bootlegging gives the artist’s voice a pure channel to the viewer, unedited and with an honesty impossible to mimic in other art toy format.

Pieces are always unique but often a throwback to OG licenses such as; Star Wars, G.I. Joe, M.U.S.C.L.E., He-Man/Masters of the Universe, and Mad Balls

Participating artists include:

2Angry Beast • Beast Labs  • Bombermat Toys   Brent Nolasco • Broke1 • Buzzard Guts – D.A.Marx  Chooseplastik • Credenda Studios • DeadGreedy Death by toys • DLL Customs • Dollar Slice Bootlegs  DoubleGToys • Dustin • Edwin Salas • EPOCH • EPSW  Erik Jacobus • FATOH (Oh Anat / Kidding Toy) • Feond  Figure Fettish • For the Love of Old Toys • Ghoul OF Gabba • Green Plastic Tunnels • Hands of Doom  Hoarcee Bü • JAIBANTOYS • Joshua Ben Longo • Junk Fed  King Spider Toys • Kjelshus Collins • Kosmo Toys   Kyle Kirwan • Lab MONKEY Number 9 • Legion Toys  Lightning Boltz Action Figures • Lisa Rae Hansen  Magitarius • Mallow Toys • matthew casale Musculiods • Nama Niku • Nekosatsu Toys • Omni-Rez  Panda Propaganda Toys • Randomskullproductions  Reputable and Trustworthy Playthings • Ressinblood Ron Reeves • RYCA • Scraped Resin • sixfootturkeytoys skullandvoid • Snapp Fink Toys • SUCKADELIC   The Katerpillar • The Mark Ultra • Timebandits   TONE TANK  Toxic Fumes Toys • TrapToys • Trillionare Toys Club Viktors Vintage • weirdkidatskool • Yoyodyne Toy Division • Ythatk  & MORE!

WHERE’S MY SHIP?? SUEZ CANAL Are you tired of waiting on those toys you ordered to arrive? Maybe you’re exhausted from people emailing you about where their toy orders are? Well here is the toy for you, my friend!
Introducing ‘Where’s My Ship??’

Limited edition of 10. Each edition is numbered and handwritten on the back of the blister card. Ship Length: 4″
3D Modeling: Max Drzewinski
Manufacturing: Extrubi Studios
Concept, Design, Painting: EPSW

Artist Statement:

“We rode the night sky until the stars in our souls could no longer feel- the warmth of Mother Earth’s Womb….” ~ LogLog 2022

Edition of 4 hand cast resin sculptures. Signed, numbered, and dated. Glow-in-the-dark capabilities. • 5″×3.5″×2″

Death by Toys

Dead Camp Counselor (Dismembered)

Handmade dead camp counselor is the perfect companion to any of your horror action figures. Made from repurposed toys and resin cast pieces. 6″ x 9″ card. One-of-one.


New York City Street Character! One-of-a-kind.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: All gallery items will be shipped within 10 business days of the exhibition’s conclusion. One-off Pieces will remain on display for the duration of the exhibit. Shipping charges for gallery exhibition pieces will be invoiced separately. Shipping invoices will be sent within approximately 10 business days of the exhibit’s end, or — in the case of already completed exhibits — within 4 business days of the order being placed, unless shipping is calculated at the time of check out. Domestic orders will receive a PayPal request for shipping, international orders will be emailed.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, shipping may take longer than usual.


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Latiny Monsters Series Two Available Now ! ! !

Latiny Monsters Series Two Available Now ! ! !

- Artwork name: Latiny Monsters Series Two
- Description:
Handmade colored flexible resin toy sculptures.
Collaboration with Marva Toys
Limited to 20 sets. Sold by pack of 3 figures.
It includes La Llorona, El Imbunche, and El Coco/Cuco/Cucuy in assorted colors (mint green, orange, and pastel purple).
Poly-bagged and carded with original artwork.
Size: 6 x 5 x 5 cm / 2.5 x 2 x 2 in
- Artwork info: Hide in your houses, watch your back, sleep with one eye open, because Latiny Monsters series two has arrived, spookier than ever. Latin American Kaijus and Monsters in keshi style. 
Series two includes La Llorona, El Imbunche and El Coco/Cuco/Cucuy in pastel colors. Relive the Latin American myths and run to find them before they find you.
- Artist name: Camote Toys
- Location: Argentina
- Online store: http://camotetoys.storenvy.com
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/camote.toys/
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/camote.toys
- Sale info:
- $40 each pack of 3 figures
- Release date: April 14th, 2022
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Take Me To Your Dealer Canbot & Strawberry Cough Trading Card ! ! !

Take Me To Your Dealer Canbot & Strawberry Cough Trading Card ! ! !


Puff puff pass and cough to get off!  Enjoy as we bring you some dank new creations straight from the mind of everyone's favorite stoner, Nugglife!


Strawberry Cough

Grow an addiction to our exclusive Nugglife Trading Cards, featuring his favorite strains of Sativa and Indica in his trademark Mini-Nug style of art!

Ready your binder for this strawberry scented Strawberry Cough Card, the premier Trading Card available from this intoxicating series of just 500 cards available worldwide.

Trading Card:
$50 each

With the purchase of the trading card you will receive a free exclusive animated NFT! 



Take Me To Your Dealer!
5oz Nuggbot!


Take Me To Your Dealer! Nuggbot is the newest member of the CANZ family, a literal pothead, sprouting some herbal majesty straight from the cranium. With a brand new head sculpt, this trippy Canbot collaboration with Czee13 will leave you in a proverbial purple haze.

5oz Size (5.5" tall) and limited to only 150 pieces. 
Complete with trademark rattle, and GID Buds!

Take Me To Your Dealer:
Edition of 150 pieces.
$110 each


Take Me To Your Dealer! Canbot + Strawberry Cough Trading Card, with Free NFT
$150 each


Strawberry Cough NFT

With the purchase of the trading card or the bundle package of both the Take Me To Your Dealer Canbot & Strawberry Cough Trading Card, you will receive a free exclusive animated NFT! 


These new limited-run drops are happening on April 20th, beginning at 4:20 (Ok, well actually, 4pm EST) - First on NTWRK app!




The NUGGLIFE story has it’s humble beginnings rooted in New York City back in 2004. Two goons stumbled across the meaning of life over a blunt in the front steps of the Fashion Institute of Technology. Going together like weed and a Dutchmaster, they put forth the framework for what would eventually become the NUGGLIFE brand, featuring an ever-expanding cast of characters inspired by the degenerates they grew up with.

Influenced by their home of New York, these longtime buds created NUGGLIFE, a cannabis inspired lifestyle brand that focused on cut & sew clothing, custom vinyl collectables, and commission artwork.

Starting off with custom collectables, Ian Ziobrowski carved a name for himself in the toy community, garnishing a wide range of awards highlighting his skills. Zachary Hirsch crafted the design side, by coming up with a concept that focused on all things cannabis without ever having to show a single weed leaf. The goal was to create a streetwear brand that matched the quality, craft, and attention to detail of the toy line.

Another day, another hustle.



About Czee13:

Czee13 is a UK-based Street Artist, Illustrator, and Toy Designer, best known for his process-based artwork. As the creation spawns its detritus, so the castaways become the new object of his imagination. Czee’s personal mythology of paint splatter, rust, and grime, has led to his most notable creation, the Canbot.



About Clutter Studios:

Clutter, established in 2004, is a portal to the global subculture community of Designer Toys and Underground Art. From festivals to art openings to pop-up events, we have our finger on the pulse of this diverse and welcoming community.  

As a Gallery, Clutter works closely with international artists to curate original shows and releases. Whether it's a high-end resin made in our New York fabrication studio, or collectible vinyl produced using one of our overseas manufacturing partners in China or Japan, Clutter puts love, hard work, and dedication into every piece we create.

With multiple events throughout the year, we are dedicated to providing the toy community with in-person gatherings and toy releases, all culminating with Clutters’ Five Points Festival and the Designer Toy Awards.  

And yes, sometimes we publish a magazine.


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Art Toy Master Class with Matt Jones ! ! !

Art Toy Master Class with Matt Jones ! ! !

Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd April 2022 

We‘re offering a stress free, fun packed weekend online class about making and selling your own resin cast Art Toys that you can join in from the comfort of your own home / studio.

Learn the basics of figure design and how to make Super Sculpey clay master models, how to produce single piece and a split silicone rubber moulds, and how to pour liquid resins. This weekend will give you all the training you need to begin casting your own army of whatever you like, ready to sell, display and possibly exhibit!

- 3pm till 7pm UK time.
- Live streaming using Zoom

The Price: 
£120 per person for both days, sign-up today!
This Class Covers:
- A short pre-class zoom meeting to discuss your design ideas.

Day .1.

✅ Quick clay modelling

✅ Super Sculpey master modelling

✅ Finishing master models

Day .2.

✅ 2x Silicone mould production

✅ Resin casting session

- Tip & Tricks and a Q&A as we go!
- Students will all have their own silicone rubber moulds and a set of resin casts.

How it Works:
Matt Jones will teach you the techniques via our live online classroom. He will provide additional notes and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions during the sessions.

We will be making pieces as we go. A materials list is provided in advance of the class, so you can purchase what you need to create your pieces during the course. see below.

This is a live online class, but in case a student experiences issues with internet connection during the live class, a private recap by Matt will be offered.
Your teacher Matt Jones

What to Prepare:
You will need a computer, tablet, or phone with a camera and microphone in order to join the online classroom. You should have a reliable internet connection, fast enough to make video calls or stream videos.

Information on your booking will be emailed to you prior to the course date, including how to join the online classroom.

This workshop requires you to buy equipment with costs ranging from between £70 - £200 depending on what you already have and your budget. See below for a list.

We are committed to maintaining a respectful community where all our students can learn and develop their full potential, within a safe environment. If you have a disability or any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to the session so we can accommodate you. 

Cancellations up to 2 weeks before the course 90% refund, a 50% refund will be given up to one week prior to the course. In order to keep class costs low for all, we make no exceptions to this policy.

The Price: 
£120 per person for the whole weekend, sign-up now.
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UCOLLEX is taking Designer Toys into the metaverse by delivering a new series of 3D digital collectibles from an international roster of artists and creators from the Global Designer Toy scene.


The first wave of DDV will feature designs from Horrible Adorables, Sorbet Jungle, Sad Salesman, Ben Seto, and Fig-lab with more artists to follow! There will be a new artist dropped every Thursday starting on March 31, 2022 with Tangled Twins - CYAN by Horrible Adorables. Each artist’s design will be continuously released in a variety of colorways.

UCOLLEX is a next-generation creators' platform that wants to make 3D collectible NFTs fun, safe and accessible for everyone to collect and enjoy. Our aim is to help creators build their fanbase economy with the best-of-class technology and community, shaping a world where fans can engage with the creator's metaverse. 

For more details check out the DDV campaign page.


Follow the UCOLLEX Instagram account for the latest information:






UCOLLEX provides a platform where collectors can feel at home and live their passion for collecting through exclusive content, interviews with artists, the best 3D art, and innovative VR experiences.


UCOLLEX is backed by Animoca Brands: a leader in digital entertainment specializing in blockchain and AI technologies.

Official web page: https://ucollex.io/  

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Peter Murphy toy releasing on December 19th, 2021 for “Deep” Anniversary ! ! !

Peter Murphy toy releasing on December 19th, 2021 for “Deep” Anniversary ! ! !



Peter Murphy toy releasing on December 19th, 2021 for “Deep” Anniversary
The limited-edition Peter Murphy collectible figure will be released for sale on December 19,
2021 at 2:00 pm PT and made available at the Plasticgod website: www.plasticgod.com

Designed by Plasticgod for Plasticgod® FIGUR3D® toy collection, the figure has two styles, one
with cascading black bangs and an additional pearlescent variant color way commemorating the
anniversary of Murphy’s solo album Deep, also released on December 19th.
The officially licensed, limited-edition 6” figures, include only 1,000 of the pearlescent, bleached
blond hair design selling for $55 and inspired by the Cuts You Up music video, one of Murphy’s
most successful tracks from the album. The other limited-edition, 999 figures are with the black
hair design, selling for $60.


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