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Trash Bag Bunch XL Skuzbeast Radioactive Glow Edition

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$ 90.00
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Key Product Details

  • Artist: Mel Birnkrant
  • Manufacturer: Last Resort Toys
  • Size: 10.5 inches
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Edition Size: Limited

Radioactive Glow-in-the-dark Skuzbeast has 3 points of articulation: 2 at the shoulders and 1 at the neck. Swampbeast stands about 10.5 inches tall. Comes in a window box.

Licensed from the 1991 Toy line Trash Bag Bunch, Trash Bag Bunch XL revisits some of the most unique creature designs as high-end vinyl collectibles four times the size of their mini figure counterparts. Fully painted and articulated, these large format figures feature significantly more detailed sculpts and paint applications.

For the uninitiated, Trash Bag Bunch is a set of mini figures released by Galoob in 1991. It had a great play gimmick where the toys were packed in little trash bags and you didn't know what figure you had until dropping the bag into water where it would dissolve, frothing and foaming to reveal your new toy! It was one of the earliest incarnations of blind bag toys as we know them today. Trash Bag Bunch stands out as a line with some of the most unique creature designs and 3-4 painted colors on each figure making them really stand out amongst its mostly monochrome peers.