What art toys are new here in our toy shop? Glad you asked! All the wonderful in-stock toys and limited edition collectibles on this page have arrived at our warehouse within the past month. Our latest and greatest! Our best and brightest! 

Since we always stock limited edition art toys and collectibles, they do tend to sell out quickly. Benny works super hard to acquire the newest vinyl figures, resin statues and action figures to replace the sold out items! 

Often this means that our NEW IN STOCK page is updated DAILY! At least a few times per week. Shipments of art toys arrive at our warehouse almost every day. It's kind of hectic TBH but it sure isn't boring!

To review our newest Preorders (items not yet in stock) CLICK HERE.

The fast pace of new arrivals can be kind of hard to keep up with, so we've set up a special email list (sign up below) JUST for those of you who want to get a notification via email when we have new items in the shop! This alleviates a little FOMO, we make sure that you don't miss out in a few different ways.

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