Fey Folk The Bogey 4.5-inch resin figure by Weston Brownlee

$ 100.00

available now - drop shipped

That noise beneath the bed. That shadow in the closet. The Bogey is the legend behind all the nighttime terrors and tales of boogeymen. Look upon this ordinarily nameless and shapeless fiend if you dare! Hopefully you’ve long since stopped sucking on your thumb, and always listened to your parents. Those conditions met, it’s safe to say you can enjoy this particular bogey without any of the usual risks.

Fey Folk is Weston's interpretation of classic European creatures form folklore and mythology. All are hand-painted, cast resin. The Bogey measures 4.5" tall and is made from cast resin and acrylic. Edition of 50 pcs.

Weston Brownlee has exhibited at Stranger Factory and Meow Wolf and is now diving into the handmade collectible scene.

please order Fey Folk separately from any other items


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