Fey Folk The Bugbear Yeti Variant 6-inch resin figure by Weston Brownlee

$ 200.00

available now - drop shipped

Everyone's favorite bugbear but in the spirit and guise of everyone's favorite abominable snowman. This is a very limited edition variant of the standard "Bugbear" character. 

Every kid knows not to wander in the woods alone or off the beaten path. In the Old World, Bugbear’s are the reason why. Looming in shadowy hallows, behind trees, and amidst dark rocky outcrops, Bugbear’s cannot wait for the unwary traveler to meander right up to their wide arms and gaping jaws. Despite it’s fearsome reputation, it’s not hard to develop an uncanny attachment.

Fey Folk is Weston's interpretation of classic European creatures form folklore and mythology. All are hand-painted, cast resin. The Bugbear measures 6" tall and is made from cast resin and acrylic. Yeti is an edition of 10 pcs.

Weston Brownlee has exhibited at Stranger Factory and Meow Wolf and is now diving into the handmade collectible scene.

please order Fey Folk separately from any other items


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