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Rollin Gobis

The Rollin Gobis Show: our latest online custom show is an open-call show with new entries released here on a rolling basis.

Using the 3" MuttPop Gobi figure as a platform, the Rollin Gobi Show is geared towards encouragement and promotion of emerging artists. With an extremely low-cost entry (we are selling platforms for the show at $1 each), this show will serve as a launching point for artists who are just starting to try their hand at customizing vinyl toys.

To enter the Rollin Gobis show, find the $1 Gobi on this page and purchase up to 5 of them. We will email you a contract to sign and return, and then we will mail out the Gobis. Full text of the contract is available to read prior to purchase. The artist retains control over their own custom Gobi, hanging onto it until it is sold by us right here.


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