YORU & YOKU 8-inch Vinyl Action Figures 2-Piece Set by JT Studio

$ 230.00

in stock now in US warehouse, ready to ship worldwide

  • set contains (2) 8-inch tall Yoku and Yoru figures
  • Limited to 399 sets Worldwide
  • 8” high (21cm) each
  • vinyl 2-piece set
  • designed and produced by JT Studio
  • both figures comes with all accessories and clothing as pictured


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  • Hello I wanted to ask are reward coupons able to be stacked on I chose $15 but wanted to pick the $50 one but not sure how to go about it any information would be great thank you

    Hello! Sorry but Shopify as a platform does not support stacking coupon codes. You have to use them one by one.

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