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Affiliate Programs

Tenacious Toys has several different ways for you to get rewarded for creating unboxing videos and posts featuring our toys!

Tenacious Refer-a-FriendShopify Collabs 

A. Tenacious Toys "Refer-a-Friend"

This is the simplest one to set up because it is built into each Tenacious Toys account. If you've signed up for (and confirmed) your email address, or created an account and made a purchase in our shop, you ALREADY have a unique affiliate link (also knows as a Refer-a-Friend link) available to use. 

(If you have been shopping at Tenacious but checking out as a guest, you will need to establish an account before you get access to your affiliate link - do this by going to Join and adding your email address and creating a password)

How to access your Tenacious Toys Refer-a-Friend affiliate link:

  1. Log in to our shop
  2. Go to the Rewards Points section
  3. Click on Refer Friends
  4. Copy your unique referral / affiliate link
  5. Use this link when you blog online or in your social media accounts or posts 
  6. Benefits for your followers: when they click your affiliate link and place a $20+ order, your friend/follower gets $5 off and they receive an additional 500 Rewards Points.
  7. Benefits for you: you get 500 Rewards Points as well when each of your followers signs up as a new Tenacious customer and places their first $20+ order (500 points awarded to you just once per new customer you send our way, but you can refer as many as you want and build your Rewards Points that way.) Rewards Points are redeemable for discounts off of orders at Tenacious.
  8. All benefits for all parties come in the form of Tenacious Rewards Points and codes.

B. Shopify Collabs

This is a Shopify-wide program that you can apply to that works a lot like our above Refer-a-Friend program: you get an affiliate link which you can share when you make your own posts / reviews / etc.

Major differences: Shopify Collabs can set you up as a micro influencer for Tenacious Toys AND / OR any other Shopify Shop that is using the program! So it's a good way to start up influencer relationships with multiple shops! You're not just limited to Tenacious.

Shopify Collabs is a more formal way for shop owners to vet micro influencers and offers us a way to keep a bit more organized. The shipment of the toys to review becomes an automated event. And on the flip side, it offers micro influencers a great system to connect with many small and medium sized brands to get free products and/or get paid.

Note that all of our relationships inside of Shopify Collabs start off as either free or discounted toys sent to the influencer in return for the creation of video content. 

If we accept you, we send you either a choice of free toys, or a code for a discount off of an order of toys. 

Inside Shopify Collabs, you as an influencer are given a unique Affiliate Link that tracks the orders placed by customers who come to Tenacious Toys and place order via that link. Shopify Collabs works by affiliate link ONLY.

Note that the Shopify Collabs Affiliate link is a DIFFERENT link than the above mentioned Tenacious Toys Refer-A-Friend link! 2 different systems!

How to work with Tenacious via Shopify Collabs:

  1. Go here to apply to Shopify Collabs.
  2. Once approved, you are given either a discount code or a choice of a free toy to review.
  3. You choose your toy and an order is shipped to you.
  4. You unbox and post about the toy on your own social media, sharing your unique affiliate link with your followers (either on the post or in the description or in your profile - anywhere that is clickable).
  5. Your followers get a 10% off discount, so they click through your link and place orders at Tenacious Toys with a 10% discount in their cart. 
  6. You ALSO earn 10% commission on these sales! 
  7. Commissions in Shopify Collabs are paid in US dollars, via Paypal.
  8. The benefits for you in Shopify Collabs are: free or discounted toys that you get to keep, AND commissions paid in actual money.

Why are there different options?!

Yeah this page is complicated! Each of the programs above caters to a different set of reviewers & influencers.

Some of you only care about toys. Some of you want to be big time influencers (not just in the toy space). Some of you are in between.

We are using Shopify Collabs and our Refer-a-Friend program at the same time to offer everybody more options. You may apply to and get rejected from Collabs but you can still be a "friend of Tenacious" and use your referral code.

Either way, we love you! Grab your affiliate link and use it! We look forward to seeing and repost your toy unboxings and reviews! Make sure you @ us!

Any questions, use our Contact page to hit us up!