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Advance Release System Expansion

Here at Tenacious Toys, we are always trying to refine and expand our efforts to reach you, our valued customer, with relevant info about the hottest new toy drops! There is so much information flowing around these days that it's actually quite difficult to get the right info, to the right people, in an efficient way.

That is why we are pleased to announce our Advance Release System Expansion, which includes a new 3-pronged approach to delivering info to you so you can have early access to your favorite toy before anyone else finds out about the drop.

We will push links and info through our ARSE first before sending it out to everyone else. You can choose to receive info in any of these 3 ways, or sign up for all 3:

  1. Join our SMS list by texting JOIN to (866) 632-0198
    (US & Canada only)
  2. Join our Advance Release System Expansion email list (below)
  3. Join our private Facebook group We are Tenacious Toys

When you enter our ARSE, you will be the first to receive info and links to the newest drops for the hottest toys! Best part is, our ARSE is FREE - no purchase required to join.