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Art Toy / Designer Toy Directory


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What is an Art Toy?

This has been discussed at length. My own personal definition is an art toy is any toy that was designed by an independent artist and produced in low numbers. Whether the toy was produced by the artist, or a company that produces toys, is irrelevant to me. PVC, soft vinyl and resin toys all qualify as art toys in my book (and other materials as well: wood, glass, and mixed-media custom toys can all be art toys).

Toys that are made in quantities of 10,000 or more are pretty much mass-market toys that you'd find in big box retail shops. A typical art toy has the artist's name on the packaging, and is produced in quantities of 500 - 1000 pieces. Note that is is very very hard to get a factory in China to produce vinyl toys in quantities of under 1000 units. Also, the tooling cost becomes comparatively very high at those low numbers (tooling is a fixed cost).

This toy directory is a way for you to explore all the different artists, designer toy companies, toy producers, and art toy manufacturers who aid in the creation of art toys.

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Art Toy Manufacturers

  1. Bigshot Toyworks - toy design, development and production
  2. Kidrobot - art toys, platform toys and blind boxes
  3. MightyJaxx - designer toy manufacturer in Singapore: Jason Freeny & more art toys
  4. ThreeZero - designer toy manufacturer in Hong Kong: Ashley Wood / 3A, licensed products
  5. WeLoveFine - toy, collectible and apparel manufacturer and community





Toy Artists

Forces of Dorkness


Jason Freeny

JonPaul Kaiser

Patricio Oliver



Art Toy Shops

  1. MyPlasticHeart - Art toy shop on Forsythe Street in NYC
  2. Tenacious Toys - Online only designer toy shop from NYC
  3. Toy Tokyo - Art toy shop on Second Ave in NYC