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Can we collaborate on a toy? FAQ

Q. Can we collaborate to make a toy?

A. Typically the answer is no - a toy project requires 3D sculpture skills, 2D art skills in Illustrator, a strong marketing push out to thousands or tens of thousands of followers, and general promotional and online support well beyond the actual delivery of the toys at our warehouse.

If your reach isn't wide enough, or your 2D & 3D art skills aren't developed enough, "collaborating" with you really means we do everything from a cost and time and effort standpoint. We do not have the bandwidth to engage.

Q. I am a skilled artist with finished 3D files of my character, and the ability to generate high level flyers and packaging artwork upon request, plus I have an active online following of over 50,000 people who are accustomed to buying my artwork and products. Can we collaborate on a toy project?

A. Yes. Use our contact form to reach out and tell us about your character or idea. We have the manufacturing contacts to bring your character to life in vinyl or resin. If the project seems right for us, we may engage with you.