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Discounts & Codes

Tenacious Toys has 2 kinds of discount codes that can be used during checkout:


These are codes which are sent out via email, or provided upon signup to our email list. Public facing codes are ones that can be used by many people. Typically these codes get you a 10% off discount off of a select group of items which can be found here. Public facing codes are usually a single word with no hyphens. You can find these codes during our signup process and on select external website belonging to our limited group of partners and associates.

Nearly all of our public-facing codes are one time use only! (Once per customer)


These are one-time-use codes which are assigned to you, and only you. You can get these codes when you redeem your Rewards Points. Private codes can be used for ANY items on our website. They are our most valuable codes in that way. Private codes have the following format: AA-00000000. Private codes will be a combination of numbers and letters, two digits followed by a hyphen, and then eight more digits.

Essentially we reward customers who make purchases. The more you purchase, the more rewards points you build up, and the more valuable codes you can redeem. We are currently rewarding customers at a rate of 5%.

That means, for example, if you make a $100 purchase, we assign points to your account which can be redeemed for a $5 code for your next purchase. Points do not expire so you can feel free to either use them for small codes, or build them up over time to redeem for giant discount codes.

Note that you must have an account on and log into that account before ordering to have our system assign the points to your account.

Orders placed offsite such as eBay, Amazon, IG, FB, Tiktok etc do not qualify within our points system, as they are all orders which are not placed inside Shopify. You will NOT receive Rewards Points for those orders.

All of these discount codes that you'd obtain through our rewards points system are one time use only!

If you have any questions, please use our contact form to message us.