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Pudgy Penguins™ Muffle Millie Plush Buddy

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$ 12.99
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Key Product Details

  • Artist: Pudgy Penguins™
  • Manufacturer: Pudgy Penguins™
  • Size: 7.8 inches
  • Material: Plush
  • Edition Size: Limited

SOFT AND CUTE: Our Pudgy Penguins are the perfect example of cuteness. Their soft plush appeal, expressive eyes, and endearing smiles are impossible to resist, making them the perfect gift for kids and adults.

PERFECT FOR KIDS OR COLLECTING: Perfect travel companions for kids ensuring on-the-go fun wherever they go. These lovable penguins bring comfort and companionship to kids and adults alike. Whether you want to keep one on your desk, by your bedside, in the car, or anywhere you need a little extra warmth and cheer.

BEASTLY CHARM: Polar Pete is Polar Penny’s younger brother, with a strange affinity for carrots. His love for the pokey vegetable reminds the rest of pengs to get their daily dose of veggies in. A balanced diet requires more than just fish, after all!

EXTRA BONUS: Each Pudgy Penguin includes an Adoption Certificate and free access to Pudgy World, where you can play exciting online games and more. Simply scan your unique code, sign up for a free online account, and personalize your Pudgy Penguin for an amazing adventure in Pudgy World! Each code unlocks four special traits to enhance your Pudgy World experience.

COLLECT THEM ALL: Dive into the enchanting world of Pudgy Penguins! Check out our selection; which includes cuddly Pudgy Penguins stuffed animals, Pudgy Penguins Plush Buddies, Pudgy Penguins Clip-On Plushies, Positive Penguins Figurines, and Pudgy Penguin Collectible Figures. Start or add to your collection of Pudgy Penguins today!