Trilly the Trilobite Prehistoric Dinosaur Painted Living Diorama Resin Figure

$ 350.00


Trilly the Trilobite is a garage kit (unassembled and unpainted resin figure) by Heiden Productions from Ohio.
  • Trilly is Hand Cast Polyurethane Resin with Four Brass Antennae.
How Big is Trilly and the Diorama ?
The diorama as a whole is 7 1/2" across, 6 1/4" wide, and 6 1/4" tall.  And the whole Living Diorama weighs 1 pound, and 14 ounces. 
Trilly when removed from the diorama is 7 1/2" across, 6 1/4" wide, and 2 1/4" tall, and weighs 11 1/2 ounces.

The oak wood base, and sea bottom with plants are 5 1/2" across, 5 1/8" wide, and 4 1/8" tall. The sea bottom, and base weighs 1 pound 3 1/2 ounces.

What's everything made of?

·          Trilly - Hand Cast Polyurethane Resin with Four Brass Antennae.

·          Wood Base -  Hand Finished Solid Oak.

·          Trilly's Support Post - Solid Brass Rod.

·          The Sea Bottom - Hand Cast Polyurethane Resin.

·          The Plants - A Mix of Plastic & Vinyl.

About the creator:

My name is Don Heiden, and I have been a fan of Fantasy, history, and model making for all of my life. I have produced and sold artwork in various forms since I was seven years old. I have created hundreds of works of art, illustrations, portraits, sculptures, dioramas, posters, murals, and postcards throughout the years. I have created works for Walt Disney, and McDonalds, as well as many other entities. One of my biggest joys is creating sculptures and models, which is why Trilly is here today.


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