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Undead Knight Guard Wood Carving by NEMO

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$ 80.00
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Key Product Details

  • Artist: NEMO
  • Manufacturer: NEMO
  • Size: 5 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Edition Size: 1

🛡️ Prepare to be enchanted by the Undead Knight Guard Wood Carving, a masterful creation by the renowned artist, NEMO! ⚔️

🌟 Step into a world of dark fantasy where every stroke of NEMO's carving tool brings this hauntingly beautiful character to life. The Undead Knight Guard stands as a sentinel of artistry, guarding your space with an air of mystique.

🌙 With meticulous attention to detail, NEMO's craftsmanship transforms wood into a mesmerizing masterpiece. Each curve and contour tells a tale of ancient legends and epic battles.

🏰 Whether you're a collector of the extraordinary or a lover of all things dark and mysterious, the Undead Knight Guard Wood Carving is a statement piece that will captivate all who behold it.

🌌 Don't miss your chance to own this exceptional work of art. Click the link and let the Undead Knight Guard watch over your collection today!

Hand carved OAK basswood block from NEMO.